Over the years, we have supplied restroom trailers and shower trailers to some very admirable causes across America.  We’ve worked with disaster response organizations, poverty outreach organizations, and many more.  Recently, we helped a unique organization that is doing some very important work in Portland, Oregon.  We enjoyed learning about their organization, and we were happy to supply a shower trailer that will help them carry out their mission over the coming winter.
Transition Projects was founded in 1969 when a reverend by the name of Gilbert Lulay began leasing a hotel in downtown Portland and offering its 20 rooms to men who had no safe place to sleep for the night.  Over the years since that time, the project has grown exponentially in size and scope.  Today, it is a shining example of innovation and follow-through in the effort to relieve the growing problem of homelessness in America.
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="450"]Transition Project Shower Trailer "Conditions at our shelter will be humane over the winter thanks to your help!" -- Ryan Dunk | Transition Projects[/caption]

How Transition Projects Leads the Way in Portland

In 2017, Transition Projects operates seven separate emergency shelters around the city of Portland, with the combined capacity to house more than 800 people.  One shelter is dedicated for single men; one is dedicated for single women; three are open to men, women, and couples; and two open only for severe weather when the temperature drops below twenty-five degrees.
The organization has a day center that administers various critical services for people experiencing homelessness.  At the Transition Project Day Center, individuals can get access to basic health and wellness services; they can get access to mail and computer services; and they can access hygiene services including laundry, showers, haircuts, and more.
Transition Project offers special services for veterans.  And they engage in advocacy for various disadvantaged groups that are at-risk for homelessness and other problems.  The organization employs a very small staff to accomplish all of this amazing work, relying on volunteers for the majority of their shelter and outreach services.

Helping the Homeless Transition to Hopeful New Beginnings

Probably the most important aspect of Transition Project’s work is that all of their efforts are focused on ending the problem of homelessness for those who are currently experiencing it.  They help homeless people find jobs and housing to permanently turn their own situations around.  Transition Projects tries to build a relationship with everyone it reaches through its various services.  As the relationship with an individual grows stronger, the individual receives opportunities to begin transitioning away from homelessness.
The first step is the organization’s short term residential program.  Three separate facilities offer short-term housing, where individuals can take up residence if they abstain from drugs and alcohol.  Long-term housing is available in two separate apartment buildings – one for men and one for women.  Transition Projects then provides financial assistance and job placement services for individuals who are ready to move back into their own apartments outside of the program.
At each step along the way, mentorship services are available.  People who are working their way through the program are put in contact with individuals who have successfully transitioned away from homelessness, who can relate to the individual’s circumstances and provide support and encouragement along the way.

The Difference One Shower Trailer Can Make

When Transition Projects reached out to us recently to discuss the acquisition of a new portable shower trailer, we were excited to get involved.  The organization needed to expand its capacity for fresh showers at one of its shelters.  Their philosophy that one can maintain one’s dignity and hygiene during times of adversity rings true to our ears, and everyone here at PRT was excited to help with the organization’s unique and important mission.
The Comfort Series 3-stall combination shower trailer that Transition Projects selected provides all the comforts and amenities that you would expect from a traditional brick-and-mortar bathroom.  Each of the three stalls is divided into two compartments.  The first compartment contains an authentic china toilet with working plumbing, and a small corner-mounted vanity with a sink and a shatterproof glass mirror.
Separated by a privacy curtain, the second compartment contains a comfortable full-size shower stall.  Hot water is available on-demand at all times, thanks to the unit’s tankless gas water heater.  And the entire shower trailer is kept at a comfortable temperature year-round by a roof-mounted 13.5 BTU air conditioner and a series of integrated heat strips.

PRT’s Inventory of Shower Trailers, Hand-Washing Stations, and More

Our inventory of portable sanitary resources includes a wide array of shower trailers in sizes ranging from two stalls all the way up to ten stalls.  In addition to shower trailers, we also offer mobile hand-washing stations, environmental decontamination trailers, restroom trailers, laundry trailers, and more.  Most of our inventory is available with a range of finishes and options – from tough commercial-grade units to luxurious executive units.
We have several flexible financing options to choose from.  We offer short-term and long-term rental agreements.  And our popular lease-to-own program means that any organization can acquire a new or used shower trailer without making a significant cash outlay at the time of purchase.  If you are on the market for a portable restroom trailer or shower trailer, get in touch with PRT today.  We will help you evaluate your options and find a solution that fits your organization’s needs and budget.