Over the years, we have seen our portable restroom rentals be used all over the country for a variety of reasons. We have gotten to partner with innovative businesses, support meaningful nonprofits, and see the most extravagant events come to life. Because of our experiences, we know the value of our product, but what we want to focus on is our client perspective.

We want to show you the wide range of service that our portable restroom rentals provide. Many may think, “What do I need a restroom trailer for?” You’d be surprised at the answer.

Our hands-on experiences with partners and companies have showed us - now we want to tell you! Our bathroom trailer rentals are an affordable option because when it comes to the restroom, the only other option is building a brick-and-mortar bathroom. With this task comes permitting requirements, linking to city sewage, construction costs, and more. It is simply not an affordable solution, especially when restrooms are only needed for a short period of time.

Porta potties are another portable solution, but now, you’re sacrificing experience. No one necessarily looks forward to using a porta potty, and this option is seriously lacking in amenities like mirrors, hand washing, and climate control.

When considering the many things that one may need in the restroom, a porta potty isn’t enough and most certainly won’t impress your guests. Costs of a brick-and-mortar bathroom are too high. The happy medium: portable restroom rentals.

Below, we’ve outlined eight different ways to use portable restroom rentals. Take a look, and get ready to be inspired to book your rental for your next restroom need. 

portable restroom rentals

1. Outdoor Venues

There is such a wide range of outdoor activities. From the local park to your favorite winery, summer campsites and farms, many people spend so much time enjoying the outdoors. As an owner or manager of one of these venues, it is crucial to provide a restroom option that isn’t quite as rural as the outdoor venue your guests are enjoying. Bathroom trailer rentals like the 2 Station Affordable Advantage Series are a great solution

2. Offsite Workstations

For those managing workers in construction, agriculture, and other industries that take you away from the office, it’s important to consider their work experience, even though it’s not under your roof. Providing comfortable portable restroom rentals will show that you care. 

3. Renovations

Whether your office is needing a little TLC or you decide to work on your home restroom, it’s important to maintain a similar level of ambiance. Consider our more upscale restroom trailer rentals, like the 3 Station Calypso Series. Rentals like this make sure that all the amenities of your brick-and-mortar aren’t sacrificed during construction. 

4. Events

From casual to black tie, event planners know that attendee experience is priority number 1. Maintain the elevated ambiance of your event in the restroom to impress your guests, no matter where they go.

5. Conferences

Conferences can take you inside and outside, and occasionally may see more attendees than the brick-and-mortar restroom can service. Portable restroom rentals are an easy and affordable solution. Units like the 8 Station Coastal Series provide an easy solution while not taking away from the formal business environment. 

6. Temporary Employees/ Visitors

Many businesses find it necessary to hire extra employees during their busy season. They may also have an influx of office visitors during certain times of the year. When you have more people than your in-office restroom can handle, bathroom trailer rentals are a flexible option and, like with conferences, ensure that the business environment is not negatively affected. 

7. Disaster Relief

Over the years, we’ve seen people lose their homes, communities displaced, sewage systems, inoperable, and more due to natural disasters. We are so glad that we can offer a helping hand by providing those in need with a little relief. Bathroom trailer rentals like the 10 Station Comfort Series have been sent to towns and cities that have no other restroom options for their people. 

8. Community and Nonprofit

portable restroom rentals for nonprofits

Sometimes disaster strikes and we help when communities are in need, but more often than that, we see communities who need consistent assistance. portable restroom rentals have been used by nonprofits to service those in need on a long-term basis, providing a small sense of home for the homeless, first responders, those in hospitals or clinics, and more. 

Now that you see the many ways that our restroom rentals can be used as a restroom solution, browse our collection! Our rentals are diverse, ranging from small to large, basic to luxury, plus a variety of added amenities. For those needing more than just a toilet, we’ve got showers, locker rooms, break rooms, ADA-complaint units, and more.

If you have a question or are ready to book, contact us! Our sales team is on standby ready to help you through your rental process.