Introducing the New Virus Testing Portable Restroom

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Introducing the New Virus Testing Portable Restroom

Businesses everywhere are beginning to prepare for the reopening of the nation after COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. There is an air of both caution yet excitement as a glimpse of normal, everyday life seems to be in view. We at PRT are ready to see the businesses we have gotten to support with portable restroom trailers thrive once again! We hope that everyone does their part to continue to save lives during this global pandemic and we reconnect with one another face-to-face.

As we think about the future, we continue to make changes and add features that support the health and safety of communities all over the nation. From our new cleaning process to short term rental options, we are mindful of the needs that our partners experience during this ever-changing climate. 

The newest portable restroom option that has arrived just in time for the reopening of the world is the Virus Testing Trailer. This unit is a one-of-a-kind option that will allow many  businesses to take that extra step in ensuring the safety of not only employees and staff, but guests, clients, and shoppers as well. Learn about the Virus Testing Portable Restroom and see how it can support your business.

A Need For Caution

social distancing

Let’s face it: despite our eagerness to be smart and safe about the spread of COVID-19 and other sicknesses and diseases, we are all, simply put, bored! We miss our commutes to work, happy hour with friends, that killer workout at the gym, and simply the ability to hug those we love. The world is ready to reunite, but how do we do so while still being mindful of the very real and still significant pandemic?

In the US, states are beginning to consider the very real possibility of lifting shelter-in-place orders, and we are proud to see that caution is a huge player in the decision making process. Governors are taking their time to see which businesses can open and which should hold off a little longer, what socializing is acceptable and what is not, and it’s important that we, as citizens, follow suit and prioritize health and safety.

Every business is doing their part as they reopen or make changes. Restaurants are safely providing take-out and delivery options, some stores with goods that we’ve all missed are allowing guests to visit, and more. We must continue to find the balance between reopening and public health. With this in mind, the Virus Testing portable restroom was born.

The Virus Testing Portable Restroom Solution

Businesses must ensure that as they reopen, they do not contribute to the spread of COVID-19. Looking forward, steps should also be taken to prevent other viruses - both common and unique - from causing health problems in the community. The Virus Testing portable restroom can do just that. 

virus testing portable restroom layout

This trailer is designed to exist as a safe, contained location to test individuals for contamination. It can be used by hospitals, medical clinics, or even local businesses that can bring in medical professionals or kits for testing. 

This 12-foot unit is completely self-contained with a 100-gallon onboard fresh water tank and a 370-gallon waste tank. Visitors are greeted by a clean, fresh exterior with heavy-duty fold-up aluminum steps and rails for easy access. As guests enter the testing trailer, they’ll find a sterile  room with cabinets for storage and a counter for functionality. This portable restroom is equipped with one full-service bathroom that provides hot water hand-washing. 

Overall, this is a simple yet efficient tool that provides a sterile environment for virus testing of any kind. It is a great way to provide a diagnosis without impacting hospitals or overworking medical staff.

If you are a business that will see many customers, a city management office hoping to provide a safe testing option for the public, a hospital needing a designated and separate space for testing, or an organization hoping to do your part in keeping the public healthy, this is a portable restroom that can assist.

Get your Virus Testing Portable Restroom Trailer

inside virus testing portable restroom

We are excited to partner with businesses old and new as the world begins its next phase in managing COVID-19 and are here to provide support through the transitions to come. If you could benefit from a virus testing portable restroom, request a quote to get your purchasing process started.

Have a few more questions? Contact us and our knowledgeable staff will happily assist!

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