Whether they’re public or private, permanent or temporary, restrooms matter to us. We place a lot of value in a nice, clean, fresh bathroom. Let’s be honest here…how many times have you gone in a bathroom and looked around to see how it’s maintained- if the sink is clean and dry, if there’s toilet paper, and if the toilet is clean both inside and out?
Not only do we care about the cleanliness, but we also care about how it makes us feel. Do we feel pampered, does it make us feel comfortable, or does it make us want to hurry out of there? This applies to restrooms in a restaurant, a large corporate building, or even portable restrooms. In reality, we feel more inclined and comfortable to go in a bathroom that is pleasing to our senses.
2012-10-10-portable-restroom-trailersMany portable restroom trailers, in fact, are designed with a theme. There are some portable bathrooms that have a beach theme which uses soft neutral tones so that you can incorporate colorful “beach” decorations to create a nice but playful environment. On the other hand, there are elegantly themed restroom trailers for more formal events that include marble or granite style counter tops, china toilets, and even a fireplace. Now, who wouldn’t want to go in there!
Essentially, a desirable bathroom of any type is one that is well kept. If we take the time to clean it, stock it with necessities, and create an inviting and appealing environment, visitors will have peace of mind and the confidence to return.
It is what we make it!