The BIG TEN has all the history, legends, and lore you would expect from the oldest active football conference in NCAA sports.  Founded in 1896, the conference includes some of the most successful and storied teams in the history of college football. With perennial powerhouse teams like Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Penn State – this single power conference is home to some of the sport’s most consistent and prolific programs.
We recently connected with one of the BIG TEN’s premier schools to provide a laundry trailer rental for their entire athletic department.  The school was remodeling their permanent laundry facilities to keep pace with their growing sports programs – and they needed a temporary solution that would keep their teams operational during the year-long remodeling project.
We jumped at the opportunity to help a football team as legendary as our new client.  They are one of the most recognizable names in all of football – having won as many BIG TEN Championships and even National Championships as any other team in history.  And we’re very proud that our laundry trailer rental will keep all their teams’ uniforms looking their absolute best for an entire year.

Big League Laundry Rooms for BIG TEN Teams

Many people have never considered the sheer scale of laundry operations for college sports programs.  We watch the teams battle it out on the gridiron every Saturday, but we don’t give much thought to tasks (like laundry) that go on behind the scenes to make the spectacle possible.
But with a little back-of-the-envelope math, we can start to get a sense for just how big and busy the laundry operations can be for some of college’s biggest teams.  During the off-season, there are a maximum 105 players allowed on any NCAA roster. That number frequently goes up by 10 or 20 walk-ons during the season. There is currently no standard for coaching staff size, but 30 is a good estimate for the NCAA average.  So already, we’re talking about gear, uniforms, and clothing for 150 people – every single day – for six months of the year.
As you can see – doing the laundry for a BIG TEN school is a serious undertaking.  Yet we’ve only scraped the surface of the total volume – in addition to football, BIG TEN schools play basketball, soccer, baseball, and more.  There are both men’s and women’s teams for most sports. Our client was initially skeptical about whether they would find a suitable temporary solution, but together we identified a laundry trailer rental that has been a good fit.

High-Capacity Laundry Trailer Rentals

The unit that we delivered to the university is essentially a fully-functional laundromat on wheels.  With eight stackable washer/dryer combinations – this unit has the capacity to keep up with an extreme workload.  The unit incorporates an oversized utility sink and open countertops for folding – everything you would expect in a permanent laundry room.  All components are spec’d for maximum durability in high-traffic applications.

Laundry trailer rentals are simple to install anywhere basic service connections are available – with 3/4” city water hook up, standard 50-Amp plugs, and direct-to-sewer drainage.  Eight sets of standard stackable-sized washers and dryers are supplied by a 100-lb liquid propane tank and two on-demand water heaters.
The interior provides 110 square feet of workable space – all of it climate-controlled.  A roof-mounted air conditioner and electric heat strips allow you to keep the unit at a consistent and comfortable temperature in most climates.

Call to Learn More

Our inventory of laundry trailer rentals runs from single-station units all the way up to commercial-grade trailers with 10 or more stacks.  Our representatives are trained to help you find the best match for your application, and we can handle many customization requests in-house.
Give us a call today at (877) 600-8645 to get started.  We’ll help you find a solution, and we have an array of flexible financing options to make it work within your budget.