Two years ago, Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast. The Statue of Liberty, one of our most treasured national monuments, is still rebuilding from the storm. Liberty State Park has worked with Portable Restroom Trailers since it reopened a little over a year ago.
iStock_000019028157SmallLiberty State Park is one of the areas surrounding Liberty Island that was damaged most by Sandy. The park took nearly a year to re-open and offer ferry services to the island. As the most popular destination in the State Park system, with 5.4 million visitors last year, it was great to have the park open for all of 2014.
During the storm, the terminal building where the ferry tickets were sold and security screenings took place was damaged significantly. The temporary security screening area is using a restroom trailer while the park continues to rebuild.
Last year, we supplied Liberty State Park with a 6 unit Advantage series restroom trailer. This year, they are renting our ADA+2 restroom trailer. This is a great trailer to add handicap accessible restrooms to an existing portable restroom or to an existing restroom facility. With the diverse number of visitors the ferry to Liberty Island receives each day it is important to accommodate everyone.
As a State Park, it’s essential for Liberty State Park to comply with New Jersey’s regulations. Our restroom trailers are considered ADA Compliant as a permanent structure in all 50 states. They include easier access, shorter ramps, more space, and easy operation. The restroom interiors are also designed with an attractive interior to satisfy all kinds of guests.
It’s no surprise Liberty State Park is the most popular state park. As the rebuilding continues, we look forward to seeing more and more people flock back to the park and to the Statue of Liberty. We’re grateful Portable Restroom Trailers has a role in the process.