Typically, when we set up portable restroom rentals for construction contractors, we deliver the units to a remote job site where a new building is under construction.  But we ran into an interesting situation recently when a major concrete contractor reached out to us to secure a long-term contract for portable restroom rentals for the offices at their own production facility.
Why would a major company need portable restrooms at their primary production facility?  It’s an unusual scenario, but this particular company actually had to pick up their entire operation and move down the road to set up a temporary worksite while the city where they are located carries out an infrastructure improvement project that will block access to their location.  And the kicker is that the infrastructure project in question might take up to 5 years to complete.

Business Blocked by a Broken Bridge

Our customer is one of the premier concrete contractors on the East Coast, with an impressive track record of major infrastructure projects including buildings, airports, mass transit systems, and bridges.  So, as you would imagine, the irony was not lost on the company’s management when they learned that a bridge closure was going to block access to their primary production facility for up to 5 years.
Their production plant is situated in a somewhat remote location that is only accessible via one road.  And on that road – in between the highway and the concrete plant – is an old bridge that the city has decided to completely remove and rebuild.  While our customer was happy to learn that the old bridge would be replaced, they were unhappily surprised to learn about the short timeline they had been given to relocate their entire production facility.
The logistics of moving a major concrete production operation on a short timeline would be overwhelming for many companies.  But we were very impressed with the tightly controlled plan that our client executed.  They swiftly arranged a long-term lease for a nearby property where access is not dependent upon the decrepit bridge.  They brought in specialized equipment to move their production machinery down the road.  They moved their administrative offices into temporary structures on the leased land.  And when they contacted us, they were ready to arrange the final piece of the puzzle – long-term portable restroom rentals for the temporary production facility.

Long-Term Portable Restroom Rentals to Meet Any Requirement

When we heard about our client’s predicament, we knew we’d be able to the perfect unit to meet their needs.  After consulting with the management team about their requirements for capacity and amenities, we matched them up with an 11-station Calypso unit that provides the same level of comfort and privacy of a permanent restroom.
The Calypso Series features high-end components and designer finishes for maximum comfort and luxury.  Each stall in the restroom has a full-length locking privacy door and a fully functional authentic china toilet.  The vanities feature in-counter china sinks, metered faucets, and shatter-proof glass mirrors.  The men’s suite has wall-mounted china urinals with privacy dividers.
The environment inside these units is comfortable and pleasant, with wood plank vinyl flooring throughout.  White or beige FRP walls coordinate with white trim, deeply-toned privacy dividers, and solid surface countertops.  The entire trailer is climate controlled by a roof-mounted air conditioner and integrated heat strips – an additional independent heater is optional.  Recessed lighting and a hinged sun roof provide warm and natural light throughout the unit, making this one of our most popular long-term portable restroom rentals.

Restroom Rentals for Gender-Variable Environments

Most of our client’s employees are men.  They do have some female employees, and they also need to accommodate female visitors.  They needed their restroom unit to reflect the gender balance of their operation.
We regularly receive requests for restroom rentals with different gender configurations, and we can configure a unit for either female-dominated or male-dominated environments.  In this case, we delivered a unit with a small two-stall ladies’ suite and a large 4-stall/5-urinal men’s suite.
If your organization is looking for long-term portable restroom rentals for a construction project, a temporary relocation, or any other purpose – please get in touch with PRT today at (877) 600-8645.  One of our trained representatives will help you evaluate your capacity requirements and financing options, to find a perfect match for your unique needs.