Gypsum is one of the most commonly used modern building materials.  This ancient mineral is used in a myriad of products including plaster, drywall, mortar, building blocks and more.  It also has several uses outside of the construction industry – especially in agriculture. But while this material has an amazing number of useful properties, it is also amazingly hard to come by.  There is a finite supply of gypsum in the world, and mining it can be tough and dangerous work.
In the United States, OSHA maintains a set of regulatory exposure limits on gypsum, which can be harmful if overexposed to people’s skin, eyes, or respiratory systems.  Companies that mine or process gypsum follow careful safety procedures to ensure the safety of their workforce's. For those companies, shower trailer rentals are a key part of their safety programs.
Long Term Shower Trailer Rentals for Iowas Gypsum Mines
We recently partnered with one of the largest gypsum processors in the country to provide long-term shower trailer rentals to keep their operation running smoothly during a change in their production operation.  This is only the latest success story from our work with America’s mining and milling industries, but we think it’s a great example of how our long-term shower trailer rentals can help a company keep their workers safe.

Iowa’s Ancient Stores of Sea Salt

Many people don’t understand exactly what gypsum is, and are surprised to learn that it is essentially ancient sea salt.  Gypsum deposits occur all around the globe – anywhere salt lakes, seas, or hot springs once existed but have since evaporated.  And while you probably don’t associate Iowa with salt water – much of the state was actually underwater during the Jurassic period.
When those ancient waters evaporated, huge deposits of gypsum salt were left behind.  And today, after more than a century of mining, there are still more than 15 square miles of gypsum in a vast deposit around Fort Dodge, Iowa.  This gypsum is some of the purest in the world, and it is preferred by some of the most recognizable names in modern construction materials today.
There are only three companies who operate active gypsum mining operations in Fort Dodge.  There are several more companies who run gypsum processing plants to transform the raw material into its usable form – some of those companies process gypsum for market, and others process it as a component for their own end products.  All of them must abide by OSHA’s regulations regarding exposure to gypsum in the workplace – and most of them provide shower trailer rentals for their workers to clean themselves off before heading home at the end of a shift.

Shower Trailer Rentals for the Dirtiest of Dirty Jobs

When we started talking with our new client from Iowa, their primary concern was about the durability and toughness of the trailer they were looking for.  They needed a unit that could stand up to the dust and grit of their gypsum operation – shift after shift, and day after day. We assured them that there were some great options in our inventory of long-term shower trailer rentals, and then we helped guide them through a series of choices to find a perfect match.
The unit that we finally arrived at is a 3-station shower trailer rentals from our Comfort Series line.  It has three private suites, each with its own locking exterior doorway. Inside each of the unisex stalls is a full-size shower stall, a private dressing area, an authentic flush-able china toilet, and a corner vanity with an automatic metered sink.  Air conditioning, heating, and tank-less instant hot water are standard. It has everything a worker needs to get clean and comfortable after a long shift – and it’s built with the toughest components available on the marketplace.

The interior of each suite is constructed with seamless white fiberglass walls and one-piece non-skid rubber floors – minimizing the unit’s exposure to fine particles of dust and debris over time, and also making cleanup fast and easy.  With an oversized 400-gallon waste tank, these showers can accommodate approximately 1,800 uses in between maintenance.
They’re ideal for dirty jobs and remote worksites.  And with four-season climate control, they are the perfect long-term shower trailer rentals for any environment – including the cold winters of Fort Dodge, IA.

Learn More About PRT Long-Term Rental Program

Our inventory of shower trailer rentals runs all the way from single-stall units all the way up to 20+ stalls for high-capacity applications.  And we have something to fit every situation – whether you’re looking for industrial-grade toughness or an executive level of luxury and comfort.
Our long-term shower trailer rentals are a popular option for companies who need to keep their operation running smoothly while they wait for a permanent solution.  But we also offer short-term rental contracts for one-time jobs and special events. And don’t forget to ask about our popular lease-to-own program that lets any company acquire the portable resources they need, regardless of how tight their budget may be.  Call us today at (877) 600-8645 to learn more.