A company that prioritizes its employees is always poised for success. Creating a workspace that is comfortable, open, and friendly makes workers that much more productive no matter what the industry. That’s why we are proud to supply luxury restroom rentals for companies - we know that our quality is in line with the employee experience they hope to provide.
There are specific amenities that make the workplace appealing. A comfortable working environment is at the top of the priority list. Making sure that each person has a place that optimizes their production, whether that be a comfortable chair and spacious desk, a place to rest when most of the job takes place on foot, or a quiet office that allows them to think critically, can aid in the company’s overall success. Other important amenities may include a break room, kitchen, a space for socializing with coworkers, and a pristine restroom.
Our job is to provide companies with that ideal restroom experience when a brick-and-mortar option is not available. No matter what the situation may be, we can provide restroom rental solutions for all sizes and budgets. There is no reason to sacrifice this amenity for your employees with Portable Restroom Trailers as an ideal solution.
As a company that prides itself on employee prioritization, Taylor Made Glass Systems wanted to provide their employees with a luxury restroom experience while their in-office restrooms were unavailable. With a large volume of employees to service, they needed a large restroom solution, and we were happy to help.


Nelson A. Taylor put the finishing touches on his first glass canvas over 100 years ago. Since then, the Taylor Made Glass brand has become a renowned brand in the glass, window, and industrial industries.
Taylor Made Glass specializes in premiere window and glass tempering, molding, glazing, and engineering. They offer their customers a wide range of options. From the cutting of glass to the final polishing steps, the company offers many step-by-step glass creating options on small and large scales. One place where you may see Taylor Made’s work showcased is on buses. Those large windows are typically custom cut and designed by companies like Taylor Made. With a specialized team of designers and engineers, it is their job to create pieces of glass that are the perfect fit for medium to large-scale projects.
Over the many decades that the company has been in business, they have expanded to a wide range of capabilities. Their team of engineers are passionate about their work and have different skills they specialize in, like design, manufacturing, and prototyping. They use their advanced skills and technology to create the best products in the industry.
With a highly trained team and state-of-the-art facilities, Taylor Made is proud to exceed every client’s expectations by providing innovative and high quality solutions to your toughest glass tempering and glazing challenges.


Just as Taylor Made takes pride in providing quality products for their clients, we also aim to excel and deliver above and beyond our partners’ expectations. As businesses that value both employee experience and client relationships, we knew that the bar would be set high for our partnership. They would expect the same level of quality that they deliver to their clients, and we expected our team to provide a luxury restroom rental that would exceed their expectations.
Once we discussed their restroom rental need, we knew the perfect fit for their employees. Taylor Made has a large number of employees, but despite the numbers, they wanted every individual to feel important and cherished. They didn’t want a restroom experience that would make anyone feel like they weren’t being provided with the best. With this in mind, we handpicked the 10 Station Portable Restroom Rental, Large Luxury Series.
Affectionately nicknamed “Big Girl,” this 28 foot luxury restroom rental was designed for high volume use. With a 900 gallon waste tank, we can guarantee that this unit is built to handle a large number of users for a long amount of time with ease. The exterior is built with dent-resistant materials to maintain its clean and attractive look. Ample lighting is installed at each door to ensure that access is safe and easy at any time, day or night. Aluminum handrails are also included as an additional safety precaution.
Luxury Restroom RentalsThe interior of this luxury restroom rental is accented with hardwood cabinetry and wood moldings, creating a warm and upscale atmosphere. Wood grain vinyl flooring is installed for easy cleaning without sacrificing elegant design. Each restroom suite is equipped with flushing toilets and a double sink vanity with a shatterproof mirror. The sinks add to the high-end atmosphere and are unique and designer made.
The men’s suite includes two privacy stalls with toilets and and three water-less urinals. You’ll find five stalls in the women’s suite, each with privacy walls and locking doors. The entire luxury restroom rental is insulated to maintain a comfortable interior atmosphere. Added air conditioning and heat strips also contribute to maintaining the temperature, keeping it comfortable despite outdoor weather.
The unit overall can service up to 750 guests, perfect not only for a company with many employees, but also for outdoor events and festivals, construction sites, film production, government agencies, and more.
We were happy to provide this luxury restroom rental to Taylor Made, ensuring that their employees had an elevated work experience during every aspect of their day.
We always love hearing about your upcoming projects! Do you have a large-scale party, production, event, or workplace that needs a restroom rental? Tell us about it in the comments below - let us get started in customizing your luxury restroom rental!