As the industry’s leader in providing new and used portable restrooms and shower trailers to customers nationwide, we have been partnering with top-quality manufacturers to deliver the best units for years. One such manufacturer is ACSI. Through our partnership Advanced Containment Systems, Inc., we are able to offer a wide variety of trailers, including our new line of decon products. Under such is our mobile command center trailers for disaster response, which can be custom designed to meet your specific emergency response plan.

Having a designated mobile command center trailer is critical to your agency’s mobile operations. A well-designed and built command center is a vital component to managing man-made or natural disasters, or other special events that require on-site incident command. Our knowledgeable team can help you design a unit that will be organized, efficient, and quick to respond. We will ensure it contains the right equipment to meet current needs, and the adaptability to move with technology as it develops. With virtually no limit to the configurations or end use, each mobile command center trailer is built from the ground up.

Our mobile command center trailers often include the following features, but are not limited to such.

  • Commanders desk
  • Communications room
  • Conference room
  • Interoperability systems
  • Uplink/downlink audio, video
  • Mast mounted CCTV system
  • Slide-out rooms
  • 50’ monitors with multiple inputs
  • External workstation
  • Antenna arrays
  • Light tower
  • Restroom
  • Gallery
  • Locking weapons locker
  • Dual awnings
  • Roof platform
  • Multi-bank chargers
  • H.D. storage drawers
  • Scene lighting
  • Exterior gas storage
  • Wood or metal cabinetry
  • Exterior ram/body bunker storage
  • Robot ramp or lift
  • Bomb suit storage
  • X-ray veiewer
  • Charger for robot
  • Exterior decon shower
  • Operator station
  • DOT approved drawer storage
  • Int/ext customize storage
  • Video recording from robot signal

If you’re not sure what types of features to include in your mobile command center trailer, here are some important considerations:

  • Oftentimes, there is more than one agency involved in the response to an emergency situation. A mobile command center should allow for inter-operable communications across any and all frequencies. This means including the use of satellite VoIP, telullar, and land-line connectivity.
  • Having access to video equipment for viewing important news coverage and weather is also important.
  • Lastly, this trailer will serve as a gathering place for leaders to strategically plan their next move and discuss the current state of affairs. Having a well-laid out and organized conference area will allow them to focus on the task at hand in a comfortable and functional environment.

For more information on our mobile command center trailers, contact us today at 877-600-8645. You can also check out our line of decon trailers here on our site.