One of the goals of Portable Restroom Trailers is to provide portable restrooms so comfortable and nice that you actually forget you are in a portable restroom. With our newest units we have come as close as we possibly can.
Our park models are designed to be a lower cost option to building a permanent restroom building. These are great for public parks, outdoor theaters, campgrounds, and other outdoor venues in need of a semi-permanent restroom solution.
prt-parkunit2 Park model portable restrooms are designed to be removable, replaceable, and efficient. They have in and out doors with easy access just like a standard building. Also, no steps! The models are close to the ground to make them safe for elderly. The portable restrooms can also include as many as 10 toilets per unit to fit any size.
Recently, The Ogunquit Playhouse, a theater company in Maine, ordered 2 custom park model restroom trailers. The Ogunquit Playhouse is a summer theater that has been putting on productions every May-October for the past 83 years.
The historic theater has dealt with strict limitations on building renovations or alterations by the historical Maine city it is located in. The Playhouse has long-term restroom trailer rentals already but wanted a more permanent investment in the playhouse without actually renovating the historic building. The solution was 2 luxury restroom trailer units with appropriate tenting and staging between them to create a complete, luxury restroom experience for their guests.
prt-parkunit3The units will be combined to create one large, luxury portable building that will work and feel like a permanent restroom facility. To fit the feeling of the theater, the units were customized with a luxury interior to keep the theater guests comfortable. Portable Restroom Trailers will work closely with the Ogunquit Playhouse over the next few months to complete the custom interior and make sure their one-of-a-kind solution is exactly what they are looking for.
Look for more information about these new portable restroom models as we provide them to more and more of our customers! We are looking to get closer and closer to the permanent restroom feel with our restroom trailers.