Myth: Portable potties are all the same- disgusting.
Fact: Not all portable potties are created equal.
You may be familiar with the terms “Porta John” or “Porta Potty”, which when mentioned, you’ll notice most people cringe. Generally, the portable potties that the majority of people know are the single standing, small, smelly, stifling stall that does not include a sink, but rather a sanitizer dispenser instead. They are usually provided at large public events with people going in and out every minute. It is true that some portable potties are cleaner than others, though it is not a remedy for the thousands of multiplying germs festering within.
Not to worry… there is good news! There are portable restroom trailers that exist that do provide a clean and safe environment for when nature calls. These restrooms are climate controlled with fresh, clean air. They contain a sink with clean running water, soap, flushing toilets, paper towels to dry your hands, and much more. There are also some models that include a shower, and some of the higher end luxury portable restroom trailers even have a fireplace in them!
Who wouldn’t want to go in there for a little extra “me” time?!?