Portable Restroom Trailers

Stadium Food Vendors and Restroom Trailers

In 2009, ESPN did a study on the sanitation of NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB arenas around the country and in Canada. The results for some areas are surprising. Food vendors in these stadiums have a surprising number of critical violations.According the “Outside the Lines” report, 28% of the stadiums that were inspected had more than half of their food vendors cited for critical violations. These violations could lead to food-borne illnesses.At a golf tournament in Phoenix in 2002, a 15-year-old boy died from Norovirus, a gastrointestinal illness. Officials believe that the boy and several other young golfers were contaminated when a sick employee didn’t wash his hands before handling ice for the drink vendors.Incidents like these can greatly damage the reputation of a stadium, a team, or an event. Fans, players, and coaches all see hygiene as an extremely important factor in viewing or playing a game comfortably. Teri Francona, former manager of the Red Sox, blamed bad sushi served to him in Anaheim for the food poisoning that affected him during a playoff game.Organizations and events that care about their reputation and the comfort of their guests should do everything they can to ensure the sanitation and safety in every aspect of their event. Whether it’s educating food vendors on sanitation laws, providing them the proper equipment, or providing adequate restroom facilities and hand washing stations, it’s the responsibility of the event to do everything they can.For outdoor events or events at temporary locations where sanitation can be even more difficult, portable restroom trailers are the answer. Restroom trailers can provide clean, safe solutions to restroom needs and provide hand washing stations to ensure vendors return to their jobs without health risks. Portable restroom trailers use flushable toilets instead of dangerous chemical toilets that can create hazardous fumes.To keep your sports venue or other events safe, consider a restroom trailer.
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Toilet Paper Only...For the Safety of Sewers and Restroom Trailers

It seems that the loved, ever-so-popular flushable wipes are in a bit of a bind. Apparently they are to blame for numerous toilet clogs and sewer backups throughout the U.S. Although they are continuously advertised as being safe and eco-friendly, it’s been established that they are not as flushable as we think. The problem is that they don’t break down as expected as they maneuver through the sewer system. As a result, the sewer system gets backed up. This is becoming a problem because it is costing many cities millions of dollars to unclog or replace the sewage pipes. And usually what is found is a large mass of tangled wipes that are still mostly intact. In order to come to a workable solution, stricter flush standards must be discussed and agreed upon, sooner rather than later. The benefit of portable restroom trailers is that they do not hook up to the sewer. They contain waste tanks that vary in size according to the size and model of the restroom trailer. So, a clog in the system isn’t going to affect a whole city and cost millions of dollars; though we don’t recommend flushing anything other than regular toilet paper. (We like to try to keep back-ups at a minimum.) Since they are easy to use and clean, restroom trailers are extremely practical, safe, and versatile for any purpose, whether short or long term.
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Keep Fall Fun With Restroom Trailers

Looking for something to do this fall? There are many events and activities to attend and memories to make, with or without the little ones. Outdoor activities seem to be the most popular since the weather is changing and the brilliant colors are so abundant. Here are some ideas for having outdoor fun this fall:Apple and pumpkin picking- one of the all time favorites...there’s just something about freshly picked fruits and vegetables, especially when you’re the one who picked them.Hayride- a great memory making activity for the whole family.Neighborhood or family football game- brings everyone together for a fun, casual game. It will create camaraderie, as well as get that physical activity in.Adventure through the woods- go for a nature walk. Just remember to bring bug spray and a drink of water.Create a scavenger hunt- look for leaves, pine cones, acorns, feathers, colors, etc. This activity is great for teaching kids to follow directions and pay attention to detail.Make your way through a corn maze- a great activity for the whole family to hone in on problem solving skills. If there is more than one adult, you may want to have cell phones handy, in case you get split up.Go on a fishing trip- since it is getting cooler out, there may only be a few more chances to go fishing. Take advantage of a nice day and relax by the lake.Petting zoo- many farms and orchards have small petting zoos for children to visit. Most have animal food so your youngster can feed the animals, so don’t forget quarters.Make a leaf pile- perfect for jumping in, but also a great photo-op!The fall can be fun and exciting. It tends to mark the beginning of the holiday season with cool weather and bright decorations. With so much to do, make sure you stay healthy and safe. If you’re going to be participating at outdoor festivities, look for a portable restroom trailer or bathroom where you can adequately wash yours or your little one’s hands, especially if you’ll be touching and feeding animals. Restroom trailers provide the opportunity to stay clean, healthy, and comfortable while on fall excursions. It’s no fun being sick while everyone else is out having a good time!Of course, each town, city, or county may have their own festivities, so check your local newspaper or town website to see what’s happening this fall. Whatever you do, have a blast!
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Plan a Farmers' Market with Restroom Trailers

Fall is finally here. For some areas this means that seasonal fruits and vegetables are coming to your local farmers’ market! For others fall may mean the end of your farmers’ market season.If you manage a farmers’ market or have been thinking about starting one, this guide may give you some ideas to consider. The following are 4 things to consider when managing your farmers’ market.LocationWhen choosing a location for your market there are many things to consider. You want a level area that your vendors can easily maneuver in and out of that is large enough to fit the crowds you expect to have. If you expect people to drive to your market you should find a spot with adequate parking.When you have found a location, consider how long it will be available. If you can, get a long-term agreement with the owner to make sure you don’t have to change locations every year.FarmersFinding the right vendors is critical to the success of your farmers’ market. Take the time to recruit growers and vendors that fit with your market. Consider sending a survey to local farmers and businesses to find out their interest level and what days and times would work best for them in order to see if they would be a good fit.Operating HoursThe times your market is open depends greatly on the kind of customers you expect. Farmers’ markets that are open on the weekends are able to offer special events, music, and activities for kids and families. These types of farmers’ markets are just as much about socializing with the community as they are about shopping.Markets that are open during the week day may be more targeted to stay at home parents or seniors. Markets open during the weeknights will see people who are coming home from work or from picking up their kids. Depending on the area you are located in, you'll want to choose hours that fit with the needs of the community.Facility SolutionsA big step to ensuring everyone has a comfortable experience at your farmers’ market is to ensure that there are clean restroom options. Particularly around food; people want to be assured that they are in a sanitary location.Portable restroom trailers are one of the best ways to provide a sanitary and comfortable facility solution to all your market guests and vendors. The running water will make sure all your vendors are clean during their food service.The climate control will keep your guests safe during the hot summer months where chemical toilets can become a real danger.We wish you luck organizing your market events this fall. If you haven’t been to your community farmers’ market check it out this weekend!
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Portable Restroom Trailers Asks: How do astronauts go to the restroom on the International Space Station?

Portable Restroom Trailers are ideal for construction sites. We have trailers specific to the size of your project and your needs. Even for large, long term construction projects we have commercial grade trailers that can include locker rooms and showers.For fun, let’s look at one of the largest, most expensive construction projects ever. It also happens to be one of the few construction project that we aren’t equipped to support.The International Space Station is the largest orbiting body in space. It is so large it can be seen from earth by the naked eye. The first module of the space station was launched in 1998 and it has been added to ever since.At a cost of nearly $160 billion dollars, the space station may be the most expensive construction project ever. The cost is shared by many countries and organizations including NASA, Roskosmos, JAXA, CSA, and ESA.So if our restroom trailers don’t go to space (yet), how do the astronauts on the space station use the restroom in zero gravity?The International Space Station has two restrooms. The Russian designed toilets are in the Zvezda and Tranquility modules of the station. The toilets use air suction to collect the waste instead of a water flush. Special anatomical attachments aid both male and female astronauts. The restrooms also include foot holds and a lap bar to prevent the astronaut from floating away.The showers on the International Space Station have proved more difficult than restrooms. After experimenting with showers in the 1970’s and 80’s the International Space Station does not include showers. Instead, the crew washes using a water jet and wet wipes. To save water, the shampoo they use does not need to be rinsed off and their toothpaste is edible.While we can’t offer support for the specific needs of the space station (and delivery would be tricky), we can customize our trailers to fit most other projects. Our commercial grade restroom trailers can be equipped with a shower area, changing area with locker room-style benches, and heating and air conditioning.These trailers help save your project money by reducing the time your workers have to spend off-site. While $160 billion dollars is a pretty hefty price tag for the space station, imagine how much more it would be if they had to fly the crew members back to earth every time they needed to use the restroom.
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Portable Restroom Trailer's Superior Communication

There’s nothing worse than having a question about an item you’ve just bought or rented and not having a live person to communicate with, or perhaps calling, but having to deal with an automated system on the other end. This can be especially frustrating when the item is as big and important as a restroom trailer. For this reason, when searching for the perfect restroom trailer to fit your needs, it is important to find a company that will provide you with an available, dedicated person who is knowledgeable about the product. The company representative should be able to answer any and all questions that you might have at any time. Even in the case of an emergency, they should be available and ready to help, equipped with the right information necessary to help get you through it. As well, the representative from the company should clearly communicate to you pertinent information and times regarding the delivery of the restroom trailer. Large deliveries can be sometimes difficult because arrival times are usually estimated, and you don’t know who to contact if there is a problem. With a representative from the company communicating with you throughout the entire process, these types of problems are diminished greatly. The representative should be able to accurately coordinate when the delivery will take place, the location of the delivery, as well as navigate any changes due to unpredictable factors, such as weather. Portable Restroom Trailers is a company that is invested in our clients’ happiness. Because of our commitment to our clients, we provide dedicated personnel to help make the process easier. We want our clients to be pleased with our service, which is why we make the effort in providing all the assistance to make that happen. Portable Restroom Trailers wants to make your life easier by providing the extra personal touch of someone to reach out to. This is just another way to show how dedicated we are to providing great service with our restroom trailers.
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