Portable Restroom Trailers

Decon Trailer for Employees at EXeLON Nuclear Power

Employee care has become more and more of a priority for companies nationwide. Good leadership realizes the value of good staff, and making sure that they are well taken care of not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well, is what makes a company successful. EXeLON Nuclear Power realizes this as well and has made the move to ensure...
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Portable Restroom Trailer for City of Seat Pleasant

Summer is now right around the corner, and with nicer weather comes the inevitable travel plans. Whether you plan to venture to a neighboring town or state, or venture across the ocean to explore a new country, travel plans are always something to look forward to. What makes a town or city memorable? What makes us want to add it...
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Breaking News: Radioactive Contamination Causes Closure of Ohio Middle School

During our many years of working in the sanitation industry, we have customized and converted our trailers to meet a variety of business needs. When it comes to construction and site management, decon trailers have played a huge role. We provide decon trailers for one main reason, to keep those who work on contaminated sites safe and healthy. When we...
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5 Executive Level Portable Restrooms for Rent That Impress High-End Guests

For a long time, the options for temporary restrooms have been limited. Most of the time, no matter what event you attend, you always inevitably see the dreaded row of porta potties that most of us aren’t too eager to use. We have found that, when chatting with party hosts, event planners, office managers, and others who are in charge...
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Restroom Trailers for Local Morgan Hill School Campus

Despite being a national topic, it typically is the goal of a city to ensure that its schools are well taken care of. All over the country, we have seen communities unite in order to ensure that proper education and facilities are provided for all, and as a company, we are more than willing and excited to join the cause...
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PRT Recommends: Luxury Bathroom Trailers for Rent for Formal Events and Gatherings

Every year, we find that more and more creative, innovative, and unique events are introduced to communities all over the country. From immersive virtual reality experiences to pop-up dance nights and concerts, we are always inspired by the ever-changing event industry. As events get more and more creative, especially in the outdoor arena, we have noticed that our bathroom trailers...
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