Fall is finally here. For some areas this means that seasonal fruits and vegetables are coming to your local farmers’ market! For others fall may mean the end of your farmers’ market season.
If you manage a farmers’ market or have been thinking about starting one, this guide may give you some ideas to consider. The following are 4 things to consider when managing your farmers’ market.


When choosing a location for your market there are many things to consider. You want a level area that your vendors can easily maneuver in and out of that is large enough to fit the crowds you expect to have. If you expect people to drive to your market you should find a spot with adequate parking.
When you have found a location, consider how long it will be available. If you can, get a long-term agreement with the owner to make sure you don’t have to change locations every year.


Finding the right vendors is critical to the success of your farmers’ market. Take the time to recruit growers and vendors that fit with your market. Consider sending a survey to local farmers and businesses to find out their interest level and what days and times would work best for them in order to see if they would be a good fit.

Operating Hours

The times your market is open depends greatly on the kind of customers you expect. Farmers’ markets that are open on the weekends are able to offer special events, music, and activities for kids and families. These types of farmers’ markets are just as much about socializing with the community as they are about shopping.
Markets that are open during the week day may be more targeted to stay at home parents or seniors. Markets open during the weeknights will see people who are coming home from work or from picking up their kids. Depending on the area you are located in, you'll want to choose hours that fit with the needs of the community.

Facility Solutions

A big step to ensuring everyone has a comfortable experience at your farmers’ market is to ensure that there are clean restroom options. Particularly around food; people want to be assured that they are in a sanitary location.
Portable restroom trailers are one of the best ways to provide a sanitary and comfortable facility solution to all your market guests and vendors. The running water will make sure all your vendors are clean during their food service.
The climate control will keep your guests safe during the hot summer months where chemical toilets can become a real danger.
We wish you luck organizing your market events this fall. If you haven’t been to your community farmers’ market check it out this weekend!