If you’re going to be hosting a large outdoor event this summer whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, or company picnic, most will say to start your preparations now. It's true, planning ahead will ease some of your anxiety and lighten the burden because it will give you plenty of time and allow you to do a more thorough job. But keep in mind that although you’re planning ahead, sometimes the initial plans can be forced to change depending on different circumstances.
Can you guess the one detail of an outdoor event that we’ve been called about at the last minute time and time again? You guessed it…it’s the bathroom arrangement! We’ve experienced an array of calls ranging from customers who realized at the last minute that there were too many guests for the amount of restrooms available, to the hosts deciding that they didn’t want so many people walking through their home, to the restrooms at the outdoor venue being too far away for the guests to get to. All of these customers had original plans that changed; in the end they decided to rent a portable restroom trailer as a solution for their dilemma.
Don’t panic…not all plans change at the last minute. In fact, planning ahead does have its rewards. For example, a family that had previously rented a portable trailer for a wedding has recently requested another restroom trailer for another wedding since the guests raved about it so much. Because this family has already begun planning for the summer, they can be confident that they will have the best trailer to fit their needs, and that their guests this time around will have the same remarkable experience as the first.
Planning ahead is important and highly recommended, but don’t forget to double check the details as it gets closer to the event date. As we’ve illustrated, plans can spontaneously change at the last minute, which may demand a slight alteration in the final arrangements.
Most importantly...don’t forget the bathroom, that’s our advice; oh, and make a list & check it twice!