Portable Bathroom Rental for Shanandoah Country Club

portable bathroom for shanandoah country club
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Portable Bathroom Rental for Shanandoah Country Club

Country clubs are an essential part of many individuals’ social lives. These clubs host events and offer activities that keep people together. Many of the events would not be as enjoyable without a portable bathroom.

Portable Restroom Trailers has partnered with several companies to make their events a success. Shenandoah Country Club is one of our preferred clients. Read on to learn about their purchasing experience.

About Shenandoah Country Club

Shenandoah Country Club is in West Bloomfield, MI. It is easily accessible from the Detroit airport and all major freeways. Its peaceful atmosphere makes it an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. 

The club offers the following amenities to its members:

Banquet Halls: The country club features a luxurious 11,336 square foot ballroom that accommodates 750 for a sit-down dinner and 1200 for cocktails. The room can be broken down into three sections for smaller events.  The venue also offers a 4000-square-foot outdoor terrace for summer affairs. The spaces are ideal for meetings, events, weddings, and banquets. 

Golf: The club has a golf course that opened in 1965. It hosted the Michigan Golf Classic PGA tour event in 1969. It is ideal for players who are up for a challenge. 

Member Dining: Shenandoah offers dining experiences for members only. 

Shenandoah’s Portable Bathroom Purchase

Shenandoah needed a restroom for guests who attended its events. The restroom had to be attractive to serve its upscale clientele. It had to be sized to accommodate its attendees. It had to be durable and easy to clean. 

portable bathroom to support club operations

The club chose the 10 Station Classic Series.

The 10 Station Classic Series is an attractive choice thanks to its tiled, wood-like flooring and stone-like surfaces. It offers a clean, fresh environment. It is ideal for various events. 

The unit’s exterior ensures safe entry. It is equipped with heavy-duty aluminum stairs and railing. Its ample lighting keeps it safe during the day and nighttime. 

The spacious portable bathroom is equipped with men’s and women’s suites with private entrances. The men’s suite features two toilets, three urinals, and two corner sinks. The women’s suite features five toilets and a double-sink vanity.

The suite measures 24 feet. It is completely self-contained. It features a 200-gallon onboard freshwater tank and an 865-gallon waste tank. 

Here are some other PRT options that are ideal for club events. 

9 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series: The 9 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series is ideal for upscale events. Its women’s suite features five private stalls and a double-sink vanity. Its men’s suite features two private stalls, two urinals, and a sink vanity. As a three-season package, it is operable in all but the coldest temperatures. 

10 Station Luxury Series: The 10 Station Luxury Series offers a high-end restroom experience. Its women’s suite features five private stalls and a double-sink vanity. Its men’s suite features two private stalls, three urinals, and two corner sink vanities. It is fully climate-controlled. 

We are a Top Portable Bathroom Provider

Portable Restroom Trailers offers a wide selection of products that are perfect for various occasions. Our units are safe, sanitary, durable, and affordable. We provide our clients with a high level of customer service. 

Contact us for a free quote on a portable bathroom today.  

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