Portable Bathroom Rentals for Small Venues

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Portable Bathroom Rentals for Small Venues

While festivals with 40,000 people in attendance are an amazing experience of their own, nothing quite compares to a small gathering. As the weather continues to heat up, we are excited to explore the US and learn about the many small crowds and venues that will be hosting a wide variety of events, celebrations, and more. Just because an event is small does not mean you should sacrifice high quality. This is where our portable bathroom rentals come in.

While our planners and producers are focused on design, organization, guest lists, and so much more, perhaps the last thing on your mind is the restroom. Not to worry - our portable restroom rentals are guaranteed to impress just as much as everything else you worked so hard on.

For small crowds and venues, we have put together this list of recommendations. Browse this list of portable bathroom rentals and find the perfect fit for your needs.

portable bathroom rentals for venues

  1. Single ADA Classic Series

Small but mighty, this is one of our portable bathroom rentals that is designed for small events and gatherings that need an ADA-compliant option. This unit is fully ADA-compliant in all 50 states and guarantees that your guests with disabilities feel special and taken care of. 

  1. 2 Station Luxury Series

For upscale events like weddings and black tie affairs, we recommend the Luxury Series. This 2 Station Luxury Series is ideal for intimate groups that expect a high caliber of elegance and design. We also have Luxury portable bathroom rentals in larger sizes for small to medium-sized crowds.

  1. ADA +2 Station Marina Series

If you need a slightly large restroom option that has an accessible suite. The ADA +2 Marina Series is a great choice. This unit is elegantly designed and includes two standard unisex units with an additional ADA-compliant unisex unit. This trailer ensures that all who need access to the restroom have it. 

  1. 3 Station Calypso Series

For crowds that are smaller than average, but a little larger than some of the more intimate settings, The 3 Station Calypso Series is an option we highly recommend. Another unit that intentionally displays high design, we recommend this trailer for small concerts, professional offices, executive use, and more. 

  1. 4 Station Coastal Series

The 4 Station Coastal Series is one of our most versatile portable bathroom rentals. It is ideal for medium-sized crowds and fits in with any level of sophistication, from a barbecue to a business conference. If you’re in the market for a versatile bathroom option that will fit in with a wide range of atmospheres, this is one of our portable restroom rentals that does just that. 

Now that you’ve had time to explore these options, take a look at our full list of portable bathroom rentals. Ready to book? Contact us and our knowledgeable sales team will guide you through the process. You can also request a quote using this form

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