Portable Bathrooms Can Improve Your City

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Portable Bathrooms Can Improve Your City

When was the last time you actively thought about going to the restroom? The answer: probably not recently. This is because going to the restroom is a mundane everyday activity that we really only think about when there is nowhere to go. When we are at home, a restaurant, or at work there is always a restroom for us so no thought is required. Also, parks typically have a restroom or portable bathrooms for our outdoor restroom needs.

Let’s change the scenario. Say you’re in a new city and unfamiliar with the local businesses. You feel that urge and are forced to spend time searching for the nearest public restroom. Perhaps you're an expecting mother, and sometimes, when you have to go, you HAVE to go! Other times, children will need to use the restroom urgently and unexpectedly. We should also think about the many homeless people in our country who don’t have access to these basic amenities. Where do they go when they need to?

As we can see there are many city planning questions to address the restroom needs in all communities and a common solution for these needs are portable restroom trailers. Our portable bathrooms provide that quick and easy solution to all those restroom questions and more and more cities are realizing the importance of providing a public restroom that is accessible to all. Below, we look at a bathroom study done in Denver, Colorado that shows how providing a restroom trailer has improved their hometown. We use this article from PEW as a reference. 

Clean Solutions with Portable Bathrooms

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Public “comfort stations” were extremely popular during the mid-20’s, but as people moved to suburban areas, the stations became less prevalent. Following 9/11 terrorist attacks, office and apartment buildings stepped up security, limiting access to their facilities. This has left the homeless population and tourists without many restroom options.

The Denver Department of Public Works found that providing public restrooms near outdoor malls and where people gather has a significant impact on the tourist traffic. Having portable bathrooms in public places encourages people to walk, bike, and use transits within the city because they always have a way to use the restroom.

City and planning officials in cities across America say having public restrooms encourage those with health conditions to visit downtown areas because they know a restroom will be available. In addition to increasing foot traffic, Denver has found that having outdoor, public restrooms drastically decreases the prevalence of public urination and defecation.

3 Ways Portable Bathrooms Improve Cities

portable bathrooms for a clean city 

Denver discovered how much cleaner their city was when portable bathrooms are provided for the public. See how this operational tool can support and improve your city in three major ways.


Outdoor activities like movie nights on the lawn and wine tastings will be especially popular this summer as people gather more and more. With rising popularity, the need for public restrooms will be essential. As you begin to discuss future public space activations, consider upgrading those porta potties to portable bathrooms. 

Public Access

As you can see, having bathroom options that are available on a regular basis is extremely beneficial. Portable bathrooms are a clean and quick solution. Ideal for families, tourists, and even to provide those displaced with a basic amenity, we have seen our trailers used as a quick and affordable option.


Research and experience have concluded that not providing public restrooms leads to dirtier streets. Whether it be the homeless population who have no other options or the group of rowdy college students on their way home from the bars at 2 a.m., there will always be someone who could benefit from having access to that public restroom. Keep your streets clean for locals and tourists alike by providing portable bathrooms as dependable options!

Need to clean up your city and keep it clean? Our collection of available portable bathrooms can help. We would love to start the conversation to make this possible! Contact us to chat with our knowledgeable staff.

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