There is something about the changing of seasons that romances anyone who spends time looking at nature's transition. The winter white peaks of snow, sprouting bright florals in spring, clear lakes of summer, and the vibrant leaves of fall each have their own unique beauty. Location is important when it comes to finding a place that thoroughly captures all four seasons, and Oregon is one of them. We are excited to get to know the businesses of the Beaver State as we expand our portable bathrooms business up the west coast.

Oregon locals boast about the nature that covers the state, and for good reason. For starters, the scenic coastal landscape is a must see for any road trip enthusiast. Simply hop on the US 101 and prepare to feast your eyes on expansive ocean, rock formations, beaches, resorts and more. As you venture inland, the abundance of nature doesn’t end. A hike through the Cascade Mountains will land you in Crater Lake National Park, an ancient caldera of an extinct volcano, Mount Mazama. You’ll find trails, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and so much more in Oregon’s wilderness. It will not disappoint the avid naturist and supplies exciting surprises on every trail.

As you head to the cities, you’ll find everything from a passionate college town to a foodie paradise, all bustling in the valleys between mountains. The food and drink industry thrives here, along with administrative services, health care services, specialty trade contractors, hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, and food and beverage stores.

We are excited to support these industries and more with portable bathrooms as we expand our business in Oregon. See what options could provide your employees and guests with a positive restroom experience, and get ready to request a quote for your portable bathroom solution.



gender specific portable bathrooms

We occasionally face a time when there is simply a crowd that is more one gender than the other, and this is the case for many in the specialty trade business. Instead of having a long line where a restroom is needed and an empty suite where it is not, we have designed restroom trailer rentals that are gender specific. The 11 Station Classic Series comes in a male and female dominant setting, with a nine station suite available for the larger crowd and a two station suite for the smaller crowd. These portable bathrooms are often used at construction sites, lumber mills, sewing facilities, and more. 

Food and Drink

8 station portable bathrooms

Dining out is for dinner with the kids, celebrating a birthday, work meetings, and so much more, and cities like Portland and Salem know how to do food. A popular category in the restaurant industry, casual dining is something everyone enjoys on a regular basis. With such a broad category, including different cultural foods, styles, restaurant designs, and levels of ambiance, versatile portable bathrooms like the 8 Station Coastal Series is a perfect fit. It handles happy hour crowds with ease without taking away from restaurant ambiance.

Mountains, Rivers, and Lakes

Comfort Series Portable bathrooms 

For venues like camp sites, hiking trails, rapid rivers, and clear lakes, portable bathrooms like the 10 Station Comfort Series are a great choice. This unit is built for efficiency and durability, making it a better fit when looking for a restroom for the public. Servicing nearly 1000 guests, it’s ready to take on a huge crowd and is a dependable portable restroom option. 


classic series

For those who need a no muss no fuss, durable and dependable restroom option, the 7 Station Classic Series is perfect for you. Perfect for medium- to large-sized stores that require a little more restroom service, this portable bathroom gets the job done. Durability does not mean we ignored interior design - this is a trailer fit for executive guests and entry level clerks alike. 


ADA portable bathrooms

Whether you have staff that need an accessible option or not, what’s great about our ADA portable bathrooms is that they provide additional space to move about comfortably in the unit. If you have a small group of employees and patients, a single station unisex option is a great fit. The  Single ADA Restroom Trailer, Maui Series is a great accessible option for those who need it and allows for more private space for all.


Now that you’ve gotten to browse a few of our portable bathrooms, contact us to chat about one in particular that might be the ideal fit for you.

Want to keep looking? This list is just the beginning of the vast collection of portable restroom trailer rentals we have to offer. Head over to our website and continue in your search for the perfect unit for you.