Portable Bathrooms for the State of Pennsylvania

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Portable Bathrooms for the State of Pennsylvania

Every avid history buff knows that when it comes to America’s story, Pennsylvania is a must-see. As we continue to expand our portable bathrooms business to all 50 states, we couldn’t help but think of the Keystone State as a land of opportunity, much like our founding fathers did. 

From Independence Hall to the hills of Gettysburg, so much of our country’s beginnings happened in Pennsylvania. Monuments and museums hold important artifacts, stories, and more that will have any history fan reeling with excitement. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the state's most popular cities, hold a variety of places to see that honor  the history of our nation and incorporate that history into everyday life. From fine arts to cultural centers, visitors can clearly see that path from where we started to where we are today, all in one place.

When venturing out of the city, Pennsylvania’s natural side does not disappoint. From Lake Erie at the state’s border to the many lakes, rivers and trailers of the Appalachian Mountains, it’s quite easy to escape the bustling city and connect with nature. 

Our portable bathrooms can assist the variety of businesses operating in the state of Pennsylvania, from national park rangers to museum curators. Below, we have hand-picked five bathroom options for managers running businesses and organizations in the Keystone state. Find a perfect fit for your needs and begin your quote process! 

Museums and Memorials

extra large portable bathrooms

Equipped to service over 1000 guests, the 15 Station Executive Series provides an upscale restroom experience. Designed with a more VIP crowd in mind, it is perfect for large corporate events and gatherings often hosted at museums. These portable bathrooms also work very well for tourist groups. 

College Life

combo portable bathrooms

Shout-out to Penn State! Due to the variety of campus needs when it comes to college, one of our more versatile portable bathroom trailers is recommended for this group. The 6 Station Locker/ Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo is a fully equipped locker room on wheels, perfect for the sports department or for dorm room renovations. With lockers to store items safely, showers for after long hours of practice, and a restroom for relief on your way from one end of campus to another, this trailer is a hit on college campuses due to its ability to solve a multitude of problems. 

The City

8 station coastal

Servicing up to 750 guests before maintenance is required, the 8 Station Coastal Series is one of our portable bathrooms that is popular among tourism and event professionals. The elegance of its nautical theme is the perfect balance between a casual picnic to outdoor events and markets.

Amusement Parks

ADA portable bathrooms

We’re thinking about you, Hershey Park! When it comes to customers and special out-of-town visitors, it is crucial that any business make a positive and lasting impression. Every encounter the customer has with your business will stick on a conscious or subconscious level, and this includes their trip to the bathroom.

With a bathroom trailer rental like the ADA +8 Station Oahu Series, you can provide amusement park visitors with a unit that can handle high volume, is ADA-complaint in all 50 states for those who need it, and is designed with impressing guests in mind. 

Mountains and Rivers

 6 station combo rental 1

The worst part about the outdoor experience is limited access to a hot, refreshing shower. Now, this is something you can easily provide with our collection of combo shower/restroom trailer rentals! Units like the 6 Station Combo are a perfect solution on campgrounds, lakes, hiking trails and more. You can provide your visitors with a full restroom experience that has all the amenities of a brick-and-mortar bathroom option. 


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