Hurricane Dorian is making its way up the East Coast, a reminder to all of the season to come. With evacuation orders in Georgia, flooding already a problem in the Carolinas, and many more emergency situations along the coast, this storm is a threat to many homes, families, and communities. With the threat of more hurricanes, storms, typhoons, and more quite prevalent until the end of October, nonprofits and first responders prepare for a busy season.

As volunteer groups and organizations get to work, we are right behind them, providing portable restroom rentals. Over the years, we have seen a series of natural disasters of all kinds affect the lives of millions of people. From typhoons to volcanoes, mudslides to hurricanes, nature has a way of testing humanity. Despite these tests, we see communities rise again and again to help their neighbors get back on their feet.

The list of needs grows long and fast when disaster hits. While many of the needs may seem obvious, like housing for those displaced, food, and fresh drinking water, many everyday needs may go unnoticed until the need is urgent.

We have found this to be a common issue with restrooms. Many of us take advantage of those small, daily amenities, like the ability to use restrooms and showers whenever we want to. We’ve realized the importance of working fast to ensure that those in need can still appreciate these small, everyday amenities. As Hurricane Dorian heads up the East Coast, we are ready and equipped to help in the best way we can. 


Portable Restroom Trailers is an Industry leader in portable disaster relief facilities. We have assisted schools, municipalities, military facilities, and corporate locations in the last 10 years in disastrous storms. With our experience and extensive inventory of portable restroom rentals, shower trailers, and laundry trailers, we deliver the perfect unit quickly to help with cleanup and rebuilding efforts.

The most obvious solution PRT can provide is clean, sanitary restroom facilities.  Our commercial portable restroom rentals are built to withstand intensive use and high foot traffic, making them a perfect fit for a disaster response effort.  But this is only one of the critical services that PRT offers.

In the wake of a major storm surge, the flood water that is left behind can be rife with bacteria and other germs – posing a serious health risk for anyone in the area.  Our mobile shower trailers provide a way for those onsite to keep themselves clean and healthy while they work to repair the damage left behind by major storms. In the worst scenarios, our decontamination trailers offer a controlled environment where first responders can sanitize their bodies and equipment after exposure to hazardous materials and germs.

Our commercial grade laundry trailers help keep first responders clean, comfortable, and sanitary with up to fourteen stacking washer/dryer combination units.  These trailers include folding tables and oversized utility sinks – everything you would expect to find at a traditional laundromat.

We encourage you to browse our inventory of portable restroom rentals and other trailer options that can help nonprofits, first responders, and other organizations and communities in need. 

For Disaster Relief Portable Restroom Rentals call us at 1- 866-275-7092.