Portable Restroom Rentals for High-End Event Venues

portable restroom rentals for venues
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Portable Restroom Rentals for High-End Event Venues

Every year, we find that more and more creative, innovative, and unique events are introduced to communities all over the country. From immersive virtual reality experiences to pop-up dance nights and concerts, we are always inspired by the ever-changing event industry. As events get increasingly creative, especially in the outdoor arena, we have noticed that our portable restroom rentals are in higher demand than ever.

The more creative the venue, the less likely that a brick-and-mortar restroom is available or capable of handling a large volume of users. Our goal is to create a perfect portable restroom option for every event and venue, ensuring that sacrificing elegance and design is no longer a requirement when using a portable restroom option. 

Events are very experiential, and what an audience experiences typically sticks with them years later when they think back to an event. Many don’t think about the bathroom as a crucial part of the event experience, but it absolutely is. That’s why we launched our luxury bathroom trailers - to provide event planners and producers with an elegant portable restroom option that matches the atmosphere of the event they host. Below, see our Luxury line of portable restroom rentals and plan to book one for your next event.

luxury portable restroom rentals

2 Station

For small crowds that expect a certain level of elegance, book the 2 Station Luxury portable restroom rentals . These units are compact but mighty, servicing up to 125 guests with ease. 

3 Station

If your crowd is small to medium-sized, the 3 Station is a great portable restroom option. With private stalls and boasting another design choice for the luxury line, these portable restroom rentals are ideal for formal venues.

7 Station

A medium to large crowd will enjoy the 7-station luxury, which can service up to 350 guests. This is one of our unique designs showcasing clear glass vessel sink vanities. This design also has a fireplace in the central powder room, making this a unit truly built to impress.

9 Statio

For events with up to 550 attendees, this is one of our portable restroom rentals that is sure to stand out. Rich, hand-finished hardwood cabinetry and wood accent moldings are just the beginning, as this well-priced luxury trailer also includes a surround sound music system.

10 Station

For the largest of events, a 10-station or two will not only provide your guests quick and easy access to elegant restrooms but also pays extra attention to ambiance. These luxury bathroom trailers for rent feature a 2-tone gray and white nautical interior and soft ambient lighting. Coordinating vanity countertops with ornate Starlight Wave mosaic tile backsplash set the tone for a fun and functional setting.

As you gear up for your next event, we hope you upgrade your restroom experience with one of our luxury portable restroom rentals. To discuss options, feel free to contact us. Our sales team is knowledgeable and ready to help you book your rental.

Know exactly what you need? Move forward by submitting a quote request and we’ll get your bathroom trailers for rent ready to ship! 

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