The holiday shopping and shipping season is here. With this in mind, national shipping companies and retailers are hiring a huge influx of seasonal employees. These workers are necessary to keep up with the temporary demand created by the holiday season, but also create a need for additional restroom facilities. In many shipping locations, there are too few restrooms to support this massive influx in labor. Portable Restroom Rentals provide a viable solution. Here is one success story.

The Challenge

We were contacted by a national shipping company to help solve their challenge of needing additional temporary restroom facilities. The site where this company was planning to place their portable restroom rental did not have access to running water.
The company also needed portable restroom rentals in an area of the country that gets freezing temperatures throughout the holiday season. Not only did the trailer itself need to be protected from these temperatures, but also any external water source would need to be protected against freezing.

The Solution

First, we provided them with a 10-station portable restroom rentals for a period of two months, (potentially extending to three months depending on their needs as the holiday season progressed). This multi-stall trailer fit their needs, as it can accommodate up to six men and four women at one time. On the women’s side, there are four oversized stalls with flushable toilets, full length locking doors and sanitary disposal containers. The men’s side features four toilet stalls with flushable toilets and two urinals.

Since the unit is being used during some of the coldest months of the year, we included additional wall mounted space heaters to ensure the users are comfortable regardless of the outside temperature. In addition, each portable restroom trailer has storage for extra bathroom supplies to avoid any potential issues. Lastly, we ensured that the trailer and all hookups were appropriately protected from the harsh winter temperatures.
The second part of our solution was running water. The set up location for this portable restroom rental did not have easy access to water hookups. No problem! We provided an external water source and took steps to protect it from freezing. Lastly, we provided a full onsite setup to ensure everything was in working order.
Portable Restroom Trailers is happy to meet the needs of our clients- whatever your event, we have the solution.
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