Portable Restroom Trailers has a long history of leading the way in the portable restroom rentals industry.  We set an example through our participation in disaster response efforts across the country.  We drive technological innovation with solutions like our Smarter Restrooms mobile app. And our standard for luxury and comfort is unmatched in the industry.
Portable Restroom Rentals for Successful Events... Time After Time
But without a doubt, the things that bring us the most satisfaction in our day-to-day work are the simple things.  Things like the words of appreciation we receive from our satisfied clients, and the compliments that they pay us during our routine conversations.  Positive feedback from our clients is the fuel that drives us forward.  And as much as we take pride in our leadership and innovation, we certainly take as much or more pride in maintaining successful and beneficial relationships with each of our clients.

How Long-Term Relationships Drive Our Portable Restroom Rentals Business

One great example of a successful PRT partnership comes from a Party Rentals Company in North Carolina.  The owners built their business from the ground up by providing top-notch equipment rentals to accommodate parties of all sizes.  They handle small parties of 10 or 12 people, all the way up to big weddings with 500 attendees or more.
The Rental Company  built its business around large canopy tents, tables, chairs, and place settings.  Over the years they expanded their offerings to include photo booths, audio and visual equipment, and even some services like wait staff, bar staff, and event attendants.
Their business has flourished, and their customers rave about the service they receive.  Some customers have mentioned that they need portable restroom rentals for their events, and that they would prefer to rent these rather than bringing in a 3rd party.  And that’s where Portable Restroom Trailers comes into the story.

Reaching Out: The Beginning of a New Partnership

When the Rental Company reached out to PRT, they knew that they needed to begin offering portable restroom rentals to their customers.  But they weren’t sure about which type of mobile restroom would best suit their needs.  We opened a dialog and they shared details with us about the size and nature of the typical events that they service.
Portable Restroom Rentals for Successful Events... Time After TimeAfter considering a few different options, we agreed together that the Beach Comfort Elite Series 2-Station Trailer would be an excellent solution for their typical customer.  The Elite Series provided all the major accoutrements the Rental Company needed; including climate control, hot water, and illuminated entryways for nighttime events.
They were initially interested in a long-term rental scenario, but in the end, they opted to buy a trailer instead.  PRT’s available financing options made it possible for the Rental Company to purchase the Elite 2-Station Trailer with a relatively small down payment.
Almost immediately, they started to generate a positive return on their investment.  Many of their customers appreciated the opportunity to consolidate the service providers for their events.  And some clients who had not otherwise considered the option of luxury portable restroom rentals chose to add the trailer to their existing orders when they saw the trailer advertised on the Rental Company’s list of available services.

A Recipe for Success Convenient Financing and Quality Service

As always, we were thrilled to help a new partner expand their business and open a new segment of their local market with portable restroom rentals.  We have found time after time that the right mix of products, financing, and quality service allow us to offer a winning proposal to almost every client we meet.
This experience was rewarding, but the real reward would come months later…
Recently, one of our team members received a surprise call from the Rental Company.  They informed us that their new portable restroom rentals business is growing quickly.  And we were quite happy when we learned they were ready to order a second trailer.  As they shared with us, the Rental Company started to experience booking issues soon after they began advertising their portable restroom rentals.  Now, they had decided that they would need to order a second trailer to keep up with demand.
All of us at PRT were happy to hear the news, and we were especially happy to see the Rental Company will be joining our lineup of regular repeat customers.  We know that quality long-term relationships drive our business.  And we love it when other companies choose us as their first choice for a successful partnership in portable restroom rentals.