Facility solutions are a way to solve a problem that a facility has but with minimal disruption to the everyday flow of business or work. Portable restroom trailers do exactly that…they are the solution! Portable restroom trailers provide the temporary bathroom facility when a building is under construction, or when permanent restrooms fail to work, or when there are just simply not enough restrooms for the amount of people present.
A school in Rhode Island has seen the value in a portable restroom trailer as a facility solution. They are remodeling their building through next year, so they have rented two ADA compliant restroom units from us for their students and staff to safely and comfortably use. Since the school has standards that they must abide by for handicap accessibility, they chose the high quality ADA compliant portable restroom trailer. This means that anyone in a wheelchair or using equipment will have an easier and safer experience. The low, short ramps and extra wide doors make entering and exiting hassle-free. The extra space inside makes it easier to move around, and the push button flush and high clearance sink make everyday tasks more convenient. And because it’s its own suite, anyone that doesn’t need a handicap accessible unit can use one of the other standard restrooms, which also include flushable toilets, running water, soap, paper towels, and graffiti resistant surfaces for all those budding artists.
Keep your business going and your students, guests, or employees clean and safe with portable restroom trailers. Portable Restroom Trailers is the perfect solution to what could be a potentially disastrous problem for your business.