The other day I drove through a neighborhood that is still building homes. I noticed a little porta potty by the road. One of the construction guys happened to be going in while another was on his way there. On the way out, which was on the other side of the circular development, I noticed another porta potty by the road. My first thought was “why don’t they just put the porta potties in one central location?” Then I began to think about the benefits that a portable restroom trailer would offer.
Take the example of the scenario that I observed; one person was in the porta potty while another waited. That’s valuable time wasted. One small portable restroom trailer in a convenient central location with access to multiple stalls would allow more than one person to use the restroom, saving time and therefore saving money.
Additionally, providing clean and sanitary restroom conditions will take away the risk of illness spreading to and from the workers. With a portable restroom trailer, the workers would be able to wash their hands with soap and running water. This will keep everyone healthy, strong, and able to work, which in turn, will increase productivity.
Lastly, a portable restroom trailer will be more appealing to those driving through the neighborhood looking at homes to buy. In fact, they may not even realize what it is. If I were a potential buyer, I would think “If the builders cared this much to provide a good environment for their employees, they must have put that much more pride and quality into building these homes.” The little amount of effort it takes for a small detail as that could translate to big results for you.