If you’re thinking about hosting a wedding, graduation party, or some other big event at your house, consider this question: have you thought about where your guests would go to use the restroom? More importantly, do you want all of your guests walking through your house in an effort to find it?
Having an event like an outdoor wedding at your house can be a wonderful experience if you plan properly for it. But don’t forget that your house will already be somewhat chaotic with the catering service in and out of your house, a DJ or band with all kinds of equipment, and people wandering about trying to find a bathroom…unless you rent a portable restroom trailer. Having a portable restroom trailer on your property will eliminate one of the biggest chaos factors of the event. Instead of your guests going in and out of your home, they can be directed away from your home and towards the portable bathroom. Plus, your home’s septic system will be a lot happier, since most can’t handle all those people using the toilets. Not to mention that your guests will be both thankful and impressed that you chose a portable restroom trailer rather than a porta potty rental. If it’s not your regular in-home bathroom, the next best thing is a spacious, clean, climate controlled portable restroom with running water, flushable toilets, soap and hand sanitizer. Besides, once your guests indulge in the portable restroom trailer experience, they won’t hesitate to go back…in fact, they may even want to!