Holidays are a very busy time for most people. The frantic hustle and bustle usually begins around Thanksgiving and ends with New Year’s Day. Between those two holidays are Christmas, and a total of about 24 work days...not much turn-around time. For those preparing for a crowd at home, it becomes a hectic time with shopping, cleaning, organizing, and decorating, along with the normal daily routine of life. It’s also a busy time for some businesses and organizations, such as retail stores, tree farms, and churches, as they prepare for crowds as well.
Lake Murray Baptist Church in Lexington, South Carolina is an example of an organization who will be expecting a large crowd this season. In order to accommodate everyone, they will be supplying their guests with one of our Luxury 10 restroom trailers for their upcoming Christmas drama, “This Man Called Jesus”. It will take place during the first two full weekends of December, and will be performed by professionals. Because the church is expecting over 30,000 guests, they require a restroom trailer that can efficiently operate with large crowds, but wanted something more upscale. We suggested the Luxury 10 trailer because it provides a practical solution with less stress and anxiety for the coordinators, and will make for a quicker, easier, safer, and more impressive trip to the bathroom for guests.
If your organization or company will be expecting large crowds this holiday season and is looking for a portable restroom solution, check out a portable restroom might just be the answer to your problem!