As the video above shows, at some point all athletes need to take a bathroom break. Whether this is an embarrassing moment or a convenient pit stop is up to you. If you want to avoid a SportsCenter “Not Top 10” highlight reel, consider a restroom trailer for you sporting event.
Here are a few ways Portable Restroom Trailers lends a helping hand to athletes and sporting events.

Super Bowl Premier Provider

In past years we have provided portable restrooms to support the large crowds that gather for one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Using restroom trailers has huge appeal for professional sports organizations. They help visitors stay comfortable, help the facilities stay healthy and sanitary, and help the venue get great feedback from their guests. Other professional sports we have aided include PGA, LPGA, Kentucky Derby, NASCAR and several national marathons.

High School Sporting Events

Providing the right facilities for your schools sporting events is critical in making sure your student-athletes get the most out of the experience. Our restroom trailers have aided schools who do not have permanent restrooms near their practice or game fields. On game day, they are also great for handling the large crowds that have come to support the team.
Organized sports has been proven to increase a child’s confidence and sense of belonging. However, when children don’t feel comfortable in the restroom or locker room associated with their sport, it could lead them to drop out of the sport for good. This is especially true for women’s sports, where girls having their own area to change and use the restroom is a very common problem.

Marathons and Race Events

One of the common concerns for race organizers is where to get enough restrooms and where to put them. Portable Restrooms have some great benefits for marathoners and other racers. One advantage is the ability to have floor plans built for traffic. With in and out doors, restroom trailers will speed up the process and reduce the number of long restroom lines.
Another advantage is that Portable Restroom Trailers does not use chemical toilets. These type of toilets can be harmful on hot days and are not as sanitary as our flushable toilets. When marathoners are trying to focus on running their best race the last thing they want is to smell a porta potty.
Portable Restroom Trailers are huge supporters of all sporting events. We are always looking for ways we can help out your next game or event.
I hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl this weekend!