Health and sanitation go hand in hand, especially when it comes to the public. More specifically, public restrooms. There are some new gadgets that are making their debut in men’s bathrooms all over the world, which can help with both sanitation and health. Never has peeing been so fun!
One product plays off the fact that the male gender instinctively likes to aim at things while urinating. And if you’re wondering, no…age makes no difference. So in order to keep more in the urinal and less out of it, places like airports, stadiums, and even schools are putting flies in the urinals. No, not real ones! They're using fly decals and etchings above the drains in urinals as something to aim for. This approach of trying to keep bathrooms cleaner seems to be working. One airport manager reported that shortly after the flies were introduced they had an 80% decrease in spills than previously. So if this does work, imagine the cost and maintenance reductions, as well as the hygiene and health increases of those using them!
Also new on the market for public bathrooms are urinal communication devices from Wizmark. These little gadgets are placed over the drain and talk to you as you’re going. They can be equipped with advertisements, reminders, or just funny messages to pass the time, and can be placed in any environment from bars to office buildings to restroom trailers. They are extremely significant for two reasons: a great way of mass advertising, and an excellent way to raise awareness for health issues, such as prostate screenings. They are also good reminders for remembering to zip up and wash hands!
Last but not least is the granddaddy of them all…urinal video games! Lehigh Valley’s IronPigs Minor League Baseball team is the first to install this kind of system in the U.S. - it’s already a huge success in the UK.
It’s a screen above the urinal that starts a game as soon as it senses someone and is completely controlled by the urine stream. Once they player is finished, their score gets posted on video scoreboards throughout the stadium. When no one is using it the urinal screen displays ads. This was all done in an effort to raise prostate health awareness. "Baseball, above all, is about team, and so is prostate health,” Dr. Angelo Baccala of the Lehigh Valley Health Network told “Men should work together with their physician to devise a game plan that makes sense for them." Once again we’re seeing hygiene and health go hand in hand.
Not only do these fun and new tactics work in permanent public restrooms, but they can be just as effective in portable bathrooms as well. They can enhance the effort of providing cleaner, safer portable restroom trailers. All this new bathroom technology is sure to improve sanitation, help develop better habits, and ultimately improve health.
This should make for some very interesting conversations…