Portable Restrooms for the Holiday Season

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Portable Restrooms for the Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Queue the holiday tunes and deck the halls - no matter how you choose to celebrate, this is truly a magical time for all. We are already planning our company parties and celebrations and hope that you are too. Get together with friends and family, eat well, serve those who are less fortunate, and spend time being thankful. As you begin planning your festivities, keep in mind that our portable restrooms are here to elevate any event or gathering on your to-do list.

We love working with party planners, families, businesses, and everyone in between, doing what we can to make your celebrations as positive as possible. From hosting the high-level executives for dinner to having family reunions that are casual and comfortable, we have a portable restroom rental that can elevate every event. We also know that many companies are beginning their busiest time of the year, so temporary restroom options are necessary to operate to the best of your abilities.

Below, we have handpicked five portable restrooms that are a great fit for any holiday gathering, event, or work need. Browse these options, then get in touch with us to discuss which of our bathrooms is the best fit for you.


Holiday Portable Restrooms


Family and Friends

portable restrooms for gatherings

Some of the best memories are made during this time of year, and these memories are made better by the people we love most. Planning a huge Friendsgiving, hosting the annual family reunion, or just gathering all your loved ones in one place can be exciting but overwhelming. Many of us simply don’t have the space to accommodate them, and large venues can break the bank. Make hosting easier with portable restrooms. The 3 Station Tropic Series is the casual yet elegant environment that is perfect for your intimate crowd.

Work Party

portable restrooms work party

The workplace is ideally a comfortable environment where many members of your staff consider each other good friends. These are the people you spend every day of the week with, building and operating business that makes life for your clients a little easier. Getting to celebrate the hard work, success, and holidays together can definitely have a positive effect on culture. For the workplace, we recommend portable restrooms like the 5 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series, combining the professional environment of the workplace with an elegant, comfortable touch.

Holiday Staff

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Many companies are about to experience their busy season. Holiday shoppers have long lists, people are traveling more to see loved ones, packages need quick shipping, and so much more. With this sudden influx of customers and clients, it is necessary to higher extra help temporarily. These staffers take up more space than usual, needing their own workspaces and amenities. When your brick-and-mortar restroom isn’t enough, portable restrooms can help. For temporary staff, we recommend the 12 Station Maritime Pro Series, a casual and effective restroom option. 

Executive Visitors

portable restrooms for executives

When board members, investors, or high-level executives visit your office or storefront, it is crucial to impress them. You’ll want to go above and beyond for these visitors, ordering the best food, offering drinks, hosting a series of parties and gatherings, and more. It’s a busy task to keep your executives entertained, feeling welcomed, and showcasing the success of your business’ hard work. Even in cases when you must reserve added spaces or restrooms to accommodate them, elegance should never be sacrificed. That’s why we have designed portable bathrooms like the 4 Station Mariner Series, guaranteed to impress all VIPs.

Public Events

holiday celebrations with portable restrooms

For city managers and event planners, the holidays are an especially busy time of year. Your residents and guests want to celebrate, partaking in a wide variety of traditional holiday activities. From ice skating to tree shopping, maker’s markets to shows and performances, people are out and about more than usual enjoying the ambiance that holiday season brings. It is crucial to provide accessible restrooms for the many visitors that pass through your event spaces, yet a brick-and-mortar investment is not a good use of funds since the season only lasts a couple months a year. This is where portables come in. The ADA +4 Station Oahu Series is accessible to all, provides a family restroom suite, and can handle those crowds with ease. 


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Does one of these portable restrooms look like a good fit for your holiday season? If so, request a quote and begin your rental process. Our sales team is on standby and ready to help you get your bathroom trailer rental as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Need a few more options? Continue to browse our available inventory here, or contact us to get more information about our products.

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