Music is a universal language that brings people of all different backgrounds, languages, cultures, and more together. From the gentle, steady hum of a cello to the rocking growl of the electric guitar, music is as diverse around the world as the people. There are certain places that bring out the best in music, and Tennessee is one of them. We are glad to provide portable restrooms for this state, from farms to bars, restaurants to music halls.

Tennessee is full of destinations that should be on every traveler’s must-see list. From the live streets of Nashville to the historic buildings of Murfreesboro, and the surprising presence of nature destinations like the Smoky Mountains, there is much to see and do for the savvy adventurer who enjoys exploring off the beaten path.

As we ramp up our business throughout Tennessee, we wanted to take some time to showcase some great choices for a variety of businesses throughout the state. Browse some options below, then head to our website to view our full inventory of available portable restrooms.

Restaurants and Eateries

6 station portable restrooms

Whether you’re headed to the local bar and grill to watch the big game with family or enjoying lunch with a coworker, this dining option gives you the quick pace of a fast food restaurant with the comfort and elegance of casual dining. We have many portable restrooms that fit in with this efficient yet comforting experience, like the 6 Station Classic Series. This trailer echoes the fast paced yet relaxed vibe of fast-casual dining perfectly. 

For the Workforce

luxury portable restrooms

The 8 Station Grand Mariner Series is designed for a moderate amount of use. Servicing up to 550 guests, this is an ideal option for large companies who need portable restrooms during renovations and temporary worksites hosting a large group of employees. It is also a perfect fit at medium-sized outdoor event venues. 


large portable restrooms

For all of our late night eateries, dive bars, night clubs, and other Tennessee businesses that are brave enough to take on the evening crowd, we know you’re looking for portable restrooms that are durable and handle large crowds with ease. Given the wide range of potential restroom emergencies you may see, we recommend the 10 Station Comfort Elite Series. This no-muss no-fuss restroom trailer is easy to maintain and fully equipped to handle your large volume of late night visitors. 

Music Scene

This is an option for small festivals, performances with large audiences, companies with a high volume of staff, and more. With a capacity of 1300, the 14 Station Oahu Series is the casual restroom environment you need. This option is unique because it is built with 14 toilets in private stalls instead of having a few urinal options. This makes the trailer itself a little more diverse as it can be used as a unit for men only, women only, or both depending on your needs.


xtra large portable restrooms

Here is one of our biggest portable restrooms yet! With a capacity of 1650, the 17 Station Classic Series is king of the XXL rental collection. This large option is designed with thought, making it versatile and adaptable enough to fit in well at any event, casual to formal. Ideal for large festivals, arenas, and other events, it’s a great way to ensure your big crowd has the restroom access they want right when they need it.

Find these portable restrooms and more in the Available Now section on the website if you’d like to keep browsing. If you found the option that’s a fit for your business, don’t forget to request a quote now! Demand is high, and these trailers will not be available for long.

Do you have questions that need to be answered before your portable restrooms rental or purchase process begins? Contact us to chat about your needs and concerns.