Summer is filled with events of all types and are a part of what make this time of year so special. From concerts to cookouts, festivals to county fairs, there is an event out there that will entertain each person depending on their interests. As a top provider of portable restrooms for rent, we are proud to support many events throughout the nation. We carry a wide range of restroom solutions that are suitable for small companies and large black tie affairs alike.
To kick off summer in Orlando, Florida, Husqvarna Motorcycles in North America invaded the area 75 miles outside of the downtown area. Motorcyclists from around the continent came down to show off their riding skills during a series of races from June 18th through July 2nd.


Founded in 1903, Husqvarna unveiled its first motorized bicycle and is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer with uninterrupted production. As motorcycle racing became a more and more popular trend, the company became known for their exceptional quality and regularly had bikes that took home trophies and awards for speed and agility.
By 1953, races were being organized across Europe and a new term - motocross - was coined. Lightweight and easy to use, Husqvarna became the top choice for off road use and competitions. This new form of motorcycle sport continued to grow in popularity and the Husqvarna brand rose to the top of the ranks.
They continued to modernize and produce motorcycles that would excel during motocross races, and eventually unveiled the Silverpilen, meaning “silver arrow” in the company’s native Swedish language. This bike was revolutionary in that it only weight 75 kg, or about 165 pounds, which, for this time, was remarkable and had never been achieved before. Soon after the creation of the Silverpilen and other modern designs, rider Rolf Tibblin won Husqvarna’s first World Motocross Championship, which would begin a long and prosperous career for both the rider and the company. He won several more championship titles aboard a Husqvarna, including ‘Motocross des Nations’ and the Baja 1000.
Success continued with rider Bill Nilsson, who won the first Husqvarna World Title in 1960. The company’s success continued through the 1960’s and 1970’s, with more World Titles and top notch motorcycle designs every year. Husqvarna quickly became the ultimate off-road motorcycle racing brand of the era.
The brand continued in its success and reached global renown, claiming more and more titles in Europe and the United States. They reached a corporate level of production and were able to mass produce their motorcycles at a new level. New styles of motorcycles came out and broke records again and again, and after a series of ownership exchanges, the company stands strong and united today and still holds high regard throughout the worldwide motocross community.


This year, just outside of the city of Orlando, Husqvarna Motorcycles of North America hosted a race, inviting bikers from across the globe to compete. Racers and fans alike filled the area from June 18th to July 2nd, all buzzing with excitement to observe and perform.


With such a large number of attendees constantly flowing throughout this two week event, portable restrooms for rent were a necessity. This event needed restrooms with high capacity and a shower option for those who chose to camp onsite - or even for those who simply needed to cool off after a long day of riding.
Husqvarna came to us with their restroom needs, and we were eager to provide the best, most affordable option for the event.
For portable restrooms, we suggested the 10 Station Portable Restroom Trailer, Classic Series. This restroom trailer for rent is a 24-foot unit that is completely self-sustainable. With a 200-gallon onboard fresh water tank and a 865-gallon waste tank, this unit is perfectly designed for multiple uses. A clean, fresh exterior greets guests and aluminum stairs and ramps allow for safe and easy access to each of the stalls.

For high-volume use, this portable restroom trailer is equipped with a women’s suite outfitted with five private stalls, china toilets, a double sink vanity with a metered faucet, and shatterproof mirror. The men’s suite includes two private stalls, three standard urinals, and a double sink vanity and mirror. Guests enjoyed a climate controlled environment that included air conditioning and heat strips available for use depending on what temperature adjustments were needed.
An additional feature of the 10 Station Portable Restroom Trailer is the Smarter Restrooms App. This technological addition allows the event managers to control aspects of the restroom trailer remotely from a phone, tablet, or laptop. This includes monitoring waste and freshwater tank levels, power, and interior climate control.
We were also able to supply the event with our 8 Station Portable Shower Trailer for Rent, Sierra Series. Providing privacy and convenience, the portable shower trailer is a 24 foot trailer equipped with eight private shower suites. Built for high volume use, the shower trailer has a clean, well designed exterior with steps and ramps for easy access. The porch has plenty of lighting for safe entry and exit during the nighttime and early morning hours. Non-slip floors are laid throughout the trailer interior for safe stepping and the walls are insulated for temperature control. With an instant hot water system and easy-to-use showers, guests are sure to enjoy using the portable shower trailer.
With portable bathroom trailers for rent and a shower trailer ready for high-volume use, Husqvarna’s event was a huge success! We encourage you to tell us about your upcoming projects. Do you have an event to host, workers who need easy access to restrooms, or any other restroom needs? If so, we are ready to come to the rescue! Explore our website and see what portable bathrooms for rent are best suited for your needs.