Restroom trailers are the most practical and safest solution for towns looking to provide restroom facilities for schools, parks, playgrounds, sports fields, golf courses, or public events. They are easy to place, relocate, aniStock_000019539192Smalld maintain which means less effort and cost is required. There are a variety of models, making it easy to match the best unit with its purpose.
The most popular units utilized by municipalities are PODs and Park Models that can be placed in a single location, and 2-Unit restroom trailers that can be moved from location to location.
PODs and Park Models
These units are a great solution for a longer amount of time as they are set in a location without wheels and are not moved unless they are picked up. The units come in different sizes, up to 24 feet. PODs and Park Models are restrooms that look similar to an airplane lavatory but are larger and more comfortable. They are designed to be placed where there is no power, so they contain powered air vents to provide fresh air; however, they can be upgraded to include heat and air conditioning if there is a power source available. The biggest advantage of these units is that they come with a hand washing station with soap, and flushable toilets so nothing sits and attracts hazardous insects and germs.
2-Unit Mobile Restroom Trailers
The 2-unit trailers are a good solution for any use as they can be easily and quickly moved to different locations since they have wheels attached. These units can include heat and air conditioning or can be solar operated with an 110V backup battery. The trailers are big enough to accommodate a crowd of people, but not too big so that it is overwhelming. They contain fresh water and soap for hand washing, as well as flushable toilets for a more sanitary environment.
Restroom trailers are a healthier, safer, more sanitary solution to providing restroom accommodations for the citizens of your town. They will put an end to the anxiety of using public portable restrooms. ADA compliant units are available for every model. Restroom trailers and PODs will surely offer peace of mind to those taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor amenities in your town.