As a leading provider of restroom trailer rentals, it is always a pleasure to work with a wide variety of businesses. We are proud to provide a diverse collection of shower and restroom trailer options, fitting the needs of luxury companies and grassroots establishments alike.
While building successful business relationships is always a priority, taking time to give back to the community is also important to us. We have had many nonprofits come to us with a desire to help their community and we are eager to assist them. When we were approached by multiple nonprofits who were interested in supporting families affected by volcano eruptions in Hawaii, we know this was an opportunity to use our business to help those in need.


There are five volcanoes that make up Hawaii’s big island: Kohala, Mauna Kea, Hualalai, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea. Three of these are currently active, and Kilauea has remained the most active since 1983. While activity for Kilauea is nothing new, scientists were shocked by it’s sudden eruption that had lava spilling into residential communities.
It all began in mid-March, when an increase in lava caused the volcano’s typical lava footprint to expand. This surge of magma ultimately caused the crater floor to collapse by the end of April, which allowed for excess magma to flow to the nearest residential community, the Puna District. Small earthquakes shook the area over the next week, but real shock came when the earthquake intensity reached 5.0 and 6.9-magnitude. The newly opened fissures from these larger quakes allowed lava to creep up, causing it to spread at a much more rapid pace.
A couple of these fissures are what is causing the constant flow of red hot lava, and explosions have been noted as well. The earth continued to shake over the weeks, keeping fissures and explosions active. This fascinating natural disaster is quite unpredictable for scientists, forcing residents to leave their homes and find refuge elsewhere.
Today, frequent eruptions and thousands of earthquakes have shaken the area around Kilaeua. 706 homes have been destroyed, displacing hundreds of families. The volcano does not seem to be backing down - explosions continue daily with no sign of stopping in the near future. Mandatory evacuations remain in place and several dozen shelters have been set up to house those who have lost their homes.
We applaud the many nonprofit organizations who have stepped up and used their resources to help the victims of the volcano disasters. When they came to us for decon trailers, we knew that we could provide an affordable solution that would bring comfort to those in need.


Given the extreme circumstances, we knew we had to think fast and come up with a portable trailer that satisfied the needs of the affected communities. They needed a durable temporary solution that could easily service a high volume of users.
The specific need for these communities was for accessible showers. They simply had too many people in need and not enough shower space to properly service everyone. We were able to suggest the 8 Station Portable Shower Trailer for Rent, Sierra Series. This portable shower trailer is purposefully designed for a high volume of use and was a great solution to send to the communities affected by volcano eruptions.

The Sierra Series is compact yet comfortable environment measuring 24 feet. The clean, fresh exterior and aluminum steps and rails greets guests and ensures that they have safe and easy access. The interior is fitted with non-skid rubber flooring to ensure that guests can shower safely without worrying about slipping. Eight private showers await each visitor, and curtains ensure plenty of privacy during use.
The entire unit is insulated to ensure that the interior temperature stays comfortable despite outside weather conditions. It also comes with air conditioning and heat strips, which help keep the temperature that much more comfortable. With a tank-less hot water system and showers that are very user friendly, the Sierra Series Portable Shower Trailer Rental is equipped for high volume use, easily providing each user with a positive shower experience.


We partnered with a number of nonprofits to supply our shower trailer rentals for many communities throughout Hawaii. Knowing that we could help those who may have lost everything enjoy something as basic as a hot shower is what motivates our company to continue to lead in innovation when it comes to the portable trailer business.
We encourage you to take time to aid the citizens of Hawaii. Some have lost everything due to lava explosions and fires. Below are resources to donate and information on how to volunteer in disaster relief.

  • The Salvation Army has a distribution center in Pahoa and volunteers are needed to aid in sorting and distributing items. Food items should be directed to local food banks and the distribution center is accepting the following: blankets, camping chairs, clothing, cots, thick outdoor garbage bags, flashlings, pills, sleeping bags.
  • AT&T has launched a text to donate campaign. AT&T customers can text “VOLCANO” to 50555 and $10 will be donated to the Hawaii Community Foundation. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the foundation.
  • Catholic Charities Hawai’i has set up a fund to match a $20,000 grant to support disaster relief. You can donate online; by phone – call (808) 527-4820; or by mail – download and print out this donation form, fill it out, and mail with your gift to Catholic Charities Hawai‘i, 1822 Ke‘eaumoku Street, Honolulu, HI 96822
  • The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services and volunteers need large-volume meal donations from local restaurants and certified kitchens. They also need new volunteers who are willing to help sort donations and items for victims. Those wishing to help can call Salvation Army at 808-756-0306 or sign up to volunteer online.