Portable Trailer Restrooms for Campgrounds

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Portable Trailer Restrooms for Campgrounds

Camping is a fun summertime activity. You can toast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, and enjoy the peace of nature. But it just wouldn’t be the same without portable trailer restrooms. 

Portable trailer restrooms do more than provide relief on camping trips. They can also feature laundry and shower facilities as an added convenience. They are a necessity you can’t be without. 

Our company has fulfilled countless requests for portable trailer restrooms for campgrounds. We provide a wide selection to meet a variety of needs. Read on to find out important features to look for in your rentable facilities. 

Perfect Portable Trailer Restrooms for Campgrounds

Portable trailer restrooms for campgrounds must be durable to hold up well to the environment. Given the amount of dirt in the area, they must be easy to clean. They must be appropriately sized to handle the turnout. 

portable trailer restrooms support campgrounds

Here are some other features to look out for and the trailers that are best suited to the job. 

Small Units

Most people will want to have a private restroom that serves only their party. Therefore, most campgrounds will rent a few smaller facilities as opposed to one or two larger facilities. The 2-Station Oahu Series is the perfect solution. 

The 2-Station Oahu Series offers ample lighting for safe access day or night. The two unisex suites are attractively designed. They are each equipped with a toilet and a sink. 

ADA Units

ADA units are ideal because they accommodate differently abled campers. They ensure that everyone has access to the convenient facilities they require. The ADA 2 Station Maritime Pro Series is ideal for meeting everyone’s needs. 

The 2 Station Maritime Pro Series offers a women’s suite with one privacy stall and a sink vanity mirror. The men’s suite is equipped with one privacy stall, a urinal, and a sink vanity. The ADA sink offers a toilet, a shatterproof mirror, and guardrails. 

Shower Combo

A long day of camping calls for a cool, refreshing shower. Fortunately, there are trailer rentals that offer shower/restroom combos. Take, for instance, the 3 Station Shower / Restroom Combo Designer Series.

This trailer offers 3 unisex shower/restroom suites that feature a toilet, a sink, and a shower stall. The abundant porch lighting ensures safe entry. The earth tones provide an attractive interior design.  

Shower Only 

A shower/restroom combo can take care of a variety of needs. But some campers may prefer to keep their shower and restroom facilities separate. They may opt for something like the 3 Station Oahu Series shower trailer. 

The floor plan offers three private showers and a changing area. It is equipped with sinks and GFI outlets. The FRP walls and vinyl flooring are easy to clean. 

Laundry Trailer

There’s just one more thing that will make your camping trip complete- laundry facilities! Camping works up a sweat, and let’s not even talk about the dirt and grime. A unit like the 4-Station Portable Laundry Trailer will keep you clean and comfortable. 

The Laundry Trailer features stackable washers and dryers. The liquid propane heater in the utility room provides hot water for your clothes. The air conditioning ensures a climate-controlled indoor environment. 

Portable Restroom Trailers Offers Optimal Service

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If you are looking for portable restroom trailers for your campground destination, our company is here to provide top-notch service. 

We believe in treating our clients with a high level of respect. We offer sanitary, safe facilities. Our units are suitable for a wide variety of industries and needs. 

Contact us to learn more about the services we offer. 

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