For many Americans, there is satisfaction in discovering a great product at a great price. Every year, consumers rush to their favorite stores or websites when companies boast about unbelievable prices. Finding that high quality item and saving money while you do it is what the savvy shopper lives for, and we noticed that this is a trend throughout all industries. This is why preowned portable trailer restrooms may be the best option for your business.

You may expect to find great deals on Amazon, at Target, and even when shopping for office supplies or investing in new software. With pre-owned portable trailer restrooms, you can score big in the portable bathrooms industry as well.

We work with many portable restroom rental companies and past clients to find the best preowned portable trailer restrooms on the market. We take time to update, refurbish, and refresh these trailers to ensure that they look as good as new. While they may look like new, they are still used, and therefore pricing is marked down significantly. For the savvy shopper who takes that deal-hunting know-how and applies it in business purchases and investments, this is the list for you.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of our best pre-owned portable trailer restrooms that are now available for purchase. Take a look and find the trailer that fits your needs, then contact us to begin your purchasing process before these great deals sell out! 

ADA +2 Station Maritime Pro Series 

ADA portable bathrooms

Perfect for offsite workstations, construction sites, schools, and more, this is one of our most durable portable trailer restrooms that is built for every job. Vinyl flooring allows for easy cleaning, and casual design makes the atmosphere comfortable, but not over the top. This compact trailer can handle a small crowd throughout the day without much maintenance.

3 Station Attainable Tropic Series

small portable trailer restrooms

For more upscale restroom trailers, the Attainable Tropic Series does not disappoint. Ideal for small to medium sized crowds, this unit is perfect at outdoor venues with a casual to cocktail atmosphere, restaurants and bars, meetings and conferences, and more. Design touches like granite countertops and ambient lighting make this an elegant pre-owned restroom option. 

6 Station Oahu Series

midsized portable restrooms

Another durable portable trailer restroom built to get the job done, no muss no fuss, this option is a great fit for industrial or agricultural sites. With a standard design and all the basic amenities of a home restroom, this series of portable trailer restrooms is as rugged as the companies and employees it serves. This mid-sized trailer can handle a crowd of up to 750 guests with ease.

10 Station Coastal Series

large portable trailer restrooms

For those needing large restroom trailers that can handle hundreds of visitors stress-free, the 10 Station Calypso Plus Series is some serious bang for your buck. Units of this size can easily range from $90-100K or more, and this unit sells for just under $80K. That’s some great savings! Additionally, we’ve taken the time to ensure this restroom trailer is updated and cleaned up.

See more pre-owned restroom trailers on our website and find the perfect match for your needs! Need a little guidance? Our sales team is here to help. Feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions or to discuss some pre-owned purchasing options.

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