As Hurricane Matthew barrels towards the U.S. coast, many portable restrooms trailer owners are securing their trailers and belongings. Below we have compiled a checklist for your convenience:
portable restrooms trailer, disaster relief
Emergency Restroom Trailer Prep Checklist

  • Fill the fresh water tank with water—this will make the trailer heavier and more stable
  • Fill the waste tank with water—this will make the trailer heavier and more stable
  • Pull in the steps
  • Disconnect all electric cords, wrap them up, and put them in the mechanics room
  • Disconnect the garden hose
  • Make sure all 4 corner anchor jacks are down and if possible also use a piece of 1” by 2” wood to avoid the unit driving down into the pavement or into the ground which could make the unit lean with the wind.
  • Make sure in an alcove or the most secure area try not to have it under trees and as close to a building as possible or an alcove (something that would block the wind) Think of it as a gigantic sail.
  • Lock all the doors including the mechanics room Make sure all wheels have been blocked significantly
  • Make sure you have current insurance
  • Hope for the best!

Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC has a dedicated Rapid Reponse Team available for emergencies. Please contact us at: 1+ (888) 998-4761 and Choose the Rapid Response Team Option