Carmel Valley Ranch purchases Portable Restroom Trailers
Thirty minutes southeast of Monterey, California, you can find one of the most celebrated resorts in the United States. This 500-acre attraction is home to a world-class golf course, an internationally-recognized spa, and some of the most exclusive destination weddings on the west coast.  It’s also home to more than one portable restroom trailer from PRT.  When top-tier resorts need to expand their capacity for large groups and long events – they rely on PRT’s line of comfortable, sanitary, and luxurious portable restroom trailers.
In a part of the country that is known for its exclusive art shows, record-breaking real estate, and luxurious hotels, this resort stands head and shoulders above the crowd.  Its staff’s attention to detail and consistently high standards for service have been very well rewarded over the years.  In 2016, readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine voted this resort the #1 Top Resort in Northern California.

What Sets an Exclusive Resort Apart from the Pack

For many people, the Monterey Peninsula is a place synonymous with exclusive getaways and luxurious accommodations.  Some people visit the peninsula to appreciate its wondrous natural resources – sailors, bikers, hikers, and more.  But without a doubt, most visitors come to experience the high-end wine tastings, exclusive restaurants, and cutting-edge art shows that the area is known for.  And within the niche of luxurious accommodations in Monterey County – this resort has consistently identified itself as the cream of the crop.
Various suites are available at the resort, ranging from studios all the way up to 4-bedroom floor plans.  The suites incorporate a variety of features that blend the magnificent natural surroundings with the luxury of the resort – like indoor/outdoor fireplaces, patio bathtubs, abundant skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows.  Many of the suites look out onto the resort’s award-winning golf course – the only course in northern California designed by Pete Dye.
The resort’s famous Spa Aiyana sits atop a steep incline, overlooking the valley below from the canopy of the surrounding oak forest.  A packed event calendar includes something for every guest – regardless of age, ability, or energy level.  As the Managing Director says, “We have strived to design a place that is a playground for all ages, where guests will experience something new every time they visit and leave with a newfound sense of discovery.”

Luxurious Portable Restroom Trailers for California’s Most Exclusive Weddings

Carmel Valley Luxury Portable Restroom TrailerWith its widespread reputation as one of northern California’s premier destinations, this resort also attracts some of the state’s most exclusive weddings.  The resort offers an extensive set of different features and options – allowing any couple to create a custom-tailored experience that is specifically designed to accommodate their personalities and their guest list.
There are three different settings to choose from.  The vineyard yard is nestled in a shady oak grove, surrounded by a sprawling pinot noir vineyard and a sweeping view of a field of lavender. The river lawn embraces visitors in the yard of a charming 1879 farm house on the banks of a flowing river.  And the valley lawn offers a warm sun bath in the wide-open Carmel Valley.
The menu is as diverse as the scenery, with seasonally-inspired offerings created by the resort’s renowned chefs.   A variety of three course menus are available with up to seven different entrée selections.  And the popular Chef’s Tasting Menu features five courses of gourmet cuisine with a heavy focus on local and seasonal ingredients.
The variety of settings and high-end dining have made the resort a popular destination for California’s most exclusive and luxurious weddings.  And the increasing popularity and size of the wedding parties hosted by the resort are what led them to contact PRT to discuss their options for expanding event capacity through luxury portable restroom trailers.

Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers for Exclusive Event Venues

PRT’s line of luxury portable restroom trailers combines the compact convenience of portable restroom trailers with the luxury and comfort of a brick and mortar executive restroom.  Our restrooms have all the features you would expect from a restroom at a luxury hotel – with a wide array of options, features, and finishes to make them compatible with any event and any venue.
When you step up into one of our luxury units, you’re instantly immersed in an unforgettable experience that couldn’t be any further from a traditional portable restroom.  The warm glow of a real gas fireplace welcomes you in, with soft ambient lighting provided from recessed fixtures throughout the suite.  Authentic hardwood trim ties together the coordinating two-tone walls and solid hardwood cabinetry, with full-length hardwood doors separating each privacy stall from the common area.
Inside each stall is a genuine, flushable china toilet.  Solid surface countertops support vessel sinks with metered gooseneck faucets – many models include hot water hand-wash.  Around the vanity you’ll find liquid soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and oversized shatterproof glass mirrors.

Affordable Luxury with PRT’s Flexible Financing Options

While our luxury portable restroom trailers provide an exclusive level of luxury and comfort, our competitive pricing and flexible financing ensure that these units are well within reach of almost every business’s budget.  In addition to our pain-free financing, we have short-term and long-term rental plans.  And our lease-to-own program is very popular with businesses who need to acquire new equipment without making a major cash outlay.
We keep a wide selection of new and used trailers in our inventory at all times so that we always have a good solution in stock for every application – from commercial units for construction sites and rental fleets to executive units for exclusive events and luxury event venues.  If you’re looking for a way to expand your restroom capacity without the costs and red tape associated with building permanent structures, give PRT a call today at (877) 600-8645 to learn more about our extensive line of portable restroom trailers.