There is something to be said about a product that is fully adaptable to a customer’s needs. In every industry, a common goal is to not only make products more accessible and simple, but to make them versatile enough to be a solution to the majority of the user’s problems. In the sanitation industry, the Convertible portable restroom trailer is just that: an upscale restroom facility that can literally change to accommodate a client’s needs.

The Convertible Portable Restroom Trailer is a rare find. Our industry has recently gotten used to the idea that portable restroom options can be elegant and upscale, ADA- accessible, or even affordable for all. The Convertible takes industry innovation to a new level. Read on to discover why the Convertible is so disruptive and how you can go about purchasing one of your own.


To outline how versatile the Convertible Portable Restroom Trailer floor plan can be, we will use the 9 Station Calypso Series as an example. First, what’s important for those in the event, executive, or VIP servicing industries love that this unit is designed with modern style.

We sacrifice no amenity, ensuring that, like all of our units, this one is built with air conditioning and heat strips to monitor the temperature, hot running water, flushable toilets, and paper towel dispensers or blow dryers. Everything you find in a home or brick-and-mortar bathroom can be found in this portable restroom trailer.

What makes this floorplan unique is that it can literally change depending on what your crowd needs are. The unit has doors that act as walls, and you can open and close them as needed. Need a restroom option that has three men stations and six women stations? Close and lock a door. Want a unisex unit that is open to all, or servicing just one gender? Open all doors to create a 9 station portable restroom trailer. Catering to a crowd that has more men than women who need access to the restroom? Turn the unit into a restroom with six men’s stations and three women’s stations.

The benefit is that no matter how you choose to use this convertible floor plan - no matter how you, “slice it up,” so to speak - each suite has a sink, mirror, and paper towel dispenser. The unit also keeps the entire indoor climate at an equally comfortable temperature.

We have created one portable restroom trailer that can accommodate a diverse range of crowds, adapting to the users that need it.


This unit is ideal for sporting arenas that see different crowds regularly, outdoor venues entertaining a variety of event crowds, campuses, and more. If this unit seems like an ideal fit for your needs, we encourage you to reach out and contact us. Our sales team is ready to get your questions answered.

Think you’re ready to order? Request a free quote with all the amenities that your convertible portable restroom trailer needs. Every trailer, even one as adaptable as this one, is fully customizable depending on your needs.

Get ready to wow every crowd with your Convertible Portable Restroom Trailer!