Over the years, we have had the privilege of serving a vast variety of unique businesses. In our company journey, we have noticed that as we learn, we grow, and that is often due to our partners. As we meet new people, we realize new trailer needs, and thanks to the construction business, the decon trailer was born.

If you are not familiar with the construction business, it’s likely you’ve never heard of this specialty trailer. Even many within the industry are surprised and excited to learn that a product like this is on the market. The decon trailer is revolutionary - it allows workers to get the job done without spreading toxins that are often found in older buildings.

We have done our research and found one of the top manufacturers of the decon trailer, and we just stocked up for 2019! Read below to find out more about the decon trailer and why it should be an integral part of your construction business.


For those working in the construction industry, you’re familiar with the risks that come when working on older buildings. Asbestos, lead, and other toxins are often found, and while these can be contained on a worksite, what happens when your staff leave after a long day of work, covered in potentially harmful soot?

In steps the decon trailer. After working on sites where toxins are likely to dwell, this trailer allows workers to rid themselves of harmful layers in a way that is safe for the environment and your employees. Here’s how it works:

Step one: after the work day is finished, employees enter the back end of the decon trailer and are able to undress in a private environment. They leave their contaminated work clothes in this private room for proper cleaning.

Step two: employees enter the next room, where showers are provided. They are able to wash themselves to ensure that any contaminated soot left on their bodies is properly cleaned off.

Step three: the employees then enter the clean room, where lockers with clean clothing and their belongings await. They exit the front end of the decon trailer ready to head home and relax.

This concept has allowed workers to get those more toxic jobs done without harming themselves or taking those toxins home to their loved ones. It has changed the construction business, along with other industries that work with potentially contaminated worksites, like the military and homeland security.


Many don’t realize not only how toxic some of these chemicals can be, but also do not know how common they are. When it comes to construction, many buildings that were erected in the mid-1900s and earlier contain one, if not many toxins like asbestos and lead.

Today, we are aware that these chemicals should not be used when building new properties, but something must be done about the old ones that need renovations or demolition. Employees who work in construction are trained and ready to take on the task of working in buildings that are contaminated, but it is essential that we protect them and their property.

The decon trailer ensures that the job can get done without sacrificing employee health and care. They are able to work in harsh environments, and then make sure that toxins are washed away and not carried into their homes. When working on a potentially harmful worksite, we highly recommend the use of a decon trailer to keep your employees and their homes safe.


Now that you know the value of using a decon trailer on toxic worksites, we have options for you to choose from when you’re ready to purchase!

For a smaller volume of employees that need access to the decon trailer, consider the 2 Station Decon Trailer. It comes with two private shower stations and can handle a smaller crowd.

For larger companies, the 4 Station Decon Trailer is best. With four private shower stalls, it can handle a bigger employee number.

Ready to purchase? Get in touch with our sales team. They are ready to assist with questions, thoughts, and needs as your prepare for the arrival of your decon trailer purchase.