At Portable Restroom Trailers, there is nothing more important to us than contributing to communities. We are proud to be one of the many valuable businesses that make up our region and live for the satisfaction of providing top-quality shower trailer rentals to our customers.
One of our many valued customers is Camp One Step, a children’s camp in Williams Bay, WI that was created for a very special purpose. They invite a very unique, cherished, and inspiring group of children to join them, making this group feel included, loved, and not alone.


According to the National Cancer Institute, more than 15,000 children between the ages 0-19 are diagnosed with cancer every year. The burden of this sickness weighs heavy on a child’s life, a life that is usually filled with joy, play, and learning. Many children with cancer feel isolated by their disease since they aren’t allowed to participate during many of the fun day-to-day activities that childhood is filled with. They lose connection with their friends and may experience feelings like fear, isolation, depression, lack of support, and no longer fitting in.
To a child with cancer, summer camp is just another thing that they can no longer do. Then, In walks Camp One Step. Specializing in programs throughout the year for children with cancer and their families, this camp has taken on a cause that brings joy to a child who may be hurting.
Camp One Step hosts a variety of camps with different themes and specialties for children with cancer. They realized that they could provide these children with a place that makes the fun of childhood accessible for kids and teens with cancer. Programs are designed to provide children with a place to belong and a fun, inclusive experience they will never forget.
Supporting Illinois, Wisconsin, and the surrounding Midwest area, Camp One Step is proud to have welcomed over 14,000 children to their programs since their inception in 1979. The camp also hosts programs in Washington DC and Utah.
While the camp primarily hosts summer camps, children and families can visit them year round for programs like Dude Ranch and Family Camp in the Fall, Ski Camp in the winter, and Chicago Day Camp in the Spring.
Children are encouraged to express themselves in summer programs like Camp Craft, where kids get to learn the craft of traditional camping by completing tasks like pitching their own tent; Excursion, for children who love travel and adventure; and Water Sports, for those who love aquatic activities and experiences. They get to immerse themselves in that childhood lifestyle they’ve been missing with children who are going through similar difficulties. Camp One Step is sure to be a positive, memorable, and rewarding time in these children’s lives.


While these kids have a blast exploring nature and getting in touch with their basic survival skills, a couple of modern touches make their stay a little more comfortable. For the past five years, Portable Restroom Trailers has been able to provide this organization with ADA compliant restroom and shower trailer rentals. These trailer rentals allow children of all ages and stages the comfort of a luxurious bathroom and independence to use the bathroom on their own or with very little assistance, no matter what their medical history may be.
We are so proud to provide restroom and shower trailer rentals to a nonprofit that brings childhood joy to those who may be missing out. We offer our very best for this camp - with wheelchair accessible toilets, sinks, and showers, grab rails, and a flushing system activated by the touch of a button, we are able to keep a simple everyday task easy for children who may struggle with those simple tasks.
The full restroom and shower trailer rental includes one ADA compliant suite that is also large enough to act as a family restroom, and two standard unisex suites. The ADA compliant suite is outfitted with an accessible sink, shower, toilet with rails for support,  Each of the unisex suites features a one pedal flush china toilet, shower stall, sink, and mirror.
To make accessibility easy, the restroom and shower trailer rental is built with a hydraulic lift system that allows the entire trailer and ramp lower to the ground with one touch of a button. We know that Camp One Steps’ goal is to make every child feel included, and our shower trailer rentals are easy to use and provide the independence that children love to feel when they can accomplish a task on their own.
We are excited to continue our partnership with Camp One Step this year as they prepare for summer camp 2018!


It brings our company joy to know that we are able to provide for Camp One Step as they put on a camp that is positively impacting the lives of children in need.
Our goal is to continue providing for all communities. We know deliver a high quality restroom and shower trailer rentals for nonprofits, businesses, and events of all types, from a fun kids camp to an upscale wine tasting. Along with the ADA +2 Restroom and Shower Trailer, we have customized an entire series of trailers to fit the different needs of our clients, like the Comfort Series, Executive Series, and Luxury Series.
No matter what your cause may be, we are here to support your bathroom needs with restroom and shower trailer rentals, and also have purchase options! Connect with us today for a free consultation with a National Account Specialist at  1-888-998-7443.
If you know a child who would brighten at the idea of going to one of Camp One Steps’ programs, check out the 2018 schedule:
Summer Camp Week 1: Saturday, July 7th - Saturday, July 14th
Summer Camp Week 2: Saturday, July 14th - Saturday, July 21st
Dude Ranch Camp: Sunday, September 23rd - Sunday, September 29th
Family Camp: Friday October 5th - Sunday, October 7th
Winter Camp: Thursday, December 27th - Monday, December 31st