It’s official: Fall is here. With fall comes back to school time, from pre-school to middle school to high school, and finally college, and we have provided our rental bathroom trailers for each of these education levels! Each of the primary education steps prepares students for college. This comes with the excitement of reinventing oneself and finally being independent. You get to eat whatever you want and finally start to gain a true sense of self. Not to mention all the fun events and memories to make along the way that will last a lifetime! For some of you, your college years are far behind you and now it’s time to take your kids to their first day of school.

Thankfully we live in a time where so many schools are getting large grants to do much-needed updates. From a new Library to a new Technology Center, to state-of-the-art Stadiums, campuses are getting much needed upgrades. Perhaps you're the coach of a sports team that has been working hard all summer to ensure the team ready for gameday. As if preparing a new team isn't hard enough, all the hard work being done on the field proposes lots of issues. 

Locker rooms, restroom access, and more can pose a problem when brick-and-mortar restrooms are out of date, being remodeled, or simply too far from the practice field. Where will the athletes get ready and rinse off after a long practice? Well, no need to stress - we’ve got you covered with rental bathroom trailers. We have trailers in many sizes and varieties. No matter what restrictions you may have, we definitely have a solution for you. Browse our recommendations below and visit our website for more rental bathroom trailers.

1. Special Events

Back to school night is the standard staple. You know it’s coming, and it’s time to get to know the facility and other parents and students. Everyone is nervous and wants to make a good first impression. Especially if there are renovations happening! It's hard to help people see the vision of the new direction of a school and there's still a smell of fresh sawdust in the air. No need to panic! We have great rental bathroom trailers for this occasion available. Our 7 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer | Classic Series has 5 toilets and 2 urinals and has a capacity of 750 plus! It’s equipped with SmartApp so monitoring waste a breeze.

2. Locker Room Extension

Rental Bathroom trailers extend the locker room

Concerned about where your athletes can store there will store their belongings? Or where your team will have a pump-up speech to help against the rival team? We have rental bathroom trailers that can fit the bill. This 8 Station Shower Trailer Portable Restroom Locker Combo | Oahu Series has the best of all. Not only is it equipped with showers, but you also have 2 stalls and 2 urinals, along with the lockers of course! Having one of these great bathrooms trailers is a game changer! This trailer is sure to help build a sense of routine and normalcy for your players. 

3. Gameday

rental bathroom trailers for game day

Finally, the big day is here. It’s gameday, and everyone is ready for the big reveal of the stadium! Everyone is cheering and the crowd is ready to see a good game! After hours of cheering and hitting all the concession options, your guests will have to go, but you still have some finishing up some renovations on the stadium bathrooms. No fear, we have endless rental bathroom trailers options. The ADA Restroom Trailer +7 Station | Oahu Series is the perfect option for a crowded stadium. It can handle the masses, it has a women’s and men’s central suite and this option is also ADA approved. Literally everyone is covered. 

4. Large campuses

We’ve got the stadium covered, but how about the rest of the campus? With this  ADA Restroom Trailer + 10 Station | Maui Series your sure to score across the board for all. This unit contains a men’s and women’s suite.The women’s suite holds 5 stalls and the men’s suite has 2 urinals with dividers and 3 stalls. The ADA suite lowers to the ground with the push of a button, and also includes a fold-up ramp on rear for wheelchair access. 

Rental Bathroom Trailers for All Campus Needs

Overall, you can feel confident that during your school's renovations this school year we’ve got your restroom needs covered. If you need rental bathroom trailers for back to school night, you can use the 7 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer | Classic Series. Prepping athletes on the field and taking them back to the locker room is solved with the  8 Station Shower Trailer Portable Restroom Locker Combo. Or tame the masses at the big game with our ADA Restroom Trailer +7 Station | Oahu Series. And finally, something that and help all around campus needs is the  ADA Restroom Trailer + 10 Station | Maui Series. Requesting a quote is simple, don't delay. We have solutions for your rental bathroom trailer needs.