As plans for the year begin to develop, we can’t help but start to think about the amazing events to come. Because of our portable restroom rentals, we have the privilege of traveling all over the nation to see a variety of unique events. From tailgating parties to music festivals, weddings to boat shows, we see it all and are always wowed by the creativity of this wide variety of event planners and producers.

If you work in the event business, you will eventually come across an event that is outdoors with no brick-and-mortar restroom options or a venue that doesn’t quite service the volume of guests you’ll have. That’s where we step in.

This PRT Recommends list is for you, event professionals! With our large portfolio of portable restroom rentals, we know that browsing for an option that fits your needs can be overwhelming. We’ve made that search a little easier for you. Here are five of our trailers that are perfect for that next large event on your agenda.

1. The Basics

For those who need portable restroom rentals that get the job done and don’t need to spend additional finances on extras, this is the category for you. Options like the 10 Station Classic Series are elegant without overdoing it and service large crowds with ease. Durable and easy to clean, this unit is perfect for music festivals and concerts.

2. Accessible

Restroom accessibility for the handicapped and disabled has become a priority for many in the event industry. With a goal to ensure that every experience during an event is available to everyone, we knew that a large-volume ADA-compliant restroom was a must for our collection of portable restroom rentals.

The ADA +8 Station Molokai Series is a perfect solution. It’s CA ADA-compliant, has a clean design, and is still capable of servicing all other event guests.

3. Luxury

Everyone loves a black tie event. We’ve preached it before and we’re preaching it again: your event experience should be felt throughout every inch of your event, and this experience shouldn’t end at the bathroom door. Our 10 Station Luxury Series is designed with the best materials and accents and will make sure that the elegance and ambiance of your upscale event is carried into the restroom. Of all our portable restroom rentals, this is the unit that will wow your first class guests and clients.

  4. Multi-Use

In addition to our portable restroom rentals, we have other trailers that serve different needs. For sporting events or those quirky long-term festivals like Burning Man, a shower option is a necessity. To service the largest number of guests, we recommend the 10 Station Classic Series. This huge trailer provides visitors with a private showering option and are durable and easy to clean. You can ensure guests, athletes, or any event attendee gets the quick rinse they need to enjoy the day.

Another multi-use trailer that could come in handy at a large event are our laundry trailers. Whether you need to wash tablecloths and napkins, tidy up a venue after a successful event, or want to provide your weekend festival guests with a laundry option, units like the 8 Station Laundry Trailer Classic Series are going to get the job done!

  5. XL

For those who are preparing for very large crowds and aren’t willing to sacrifice when it comes to elegance and design, the 15 Station Executive Series is the trailer for you. This XL trailer services 50% more guests than our 10 station portable restroom rentals and will ensure that lines stay short during huge events at arenas and other big outdoor venues. For the best bang for your buck, go big with 15 stations!


Ready to book your portable restroom rentals? Get in touch with us today and let’s start discussing the perfect restroom option for you!