Showers are one of those amenities that we as Americans often take for granted. Nothing is quite like a hot shower at the end of a long day at work or school, especially if your work is physical.

At first glance, many may not realize the value of our shower trailer rentals. Most of us enjoy the luxury of showering at home, but a surprising size of the population actually appreciates access to showers at work or school. Industries like agriculture, construction, and first responders who work long hours, sometimes in relentless heat, have made the business world realize the value of shower stations in the workplace. Shower trailer rentals also hold value on college campuses and in sporting facilities.

Our goal is to ensure that these industries and locations have shower trailer rentals that are a good fit for their needs. From small to large volume use to accessible options, we work with our manufacturers to create trailers that are ideal for every need.

Below, we have chosen five shower trailer rentals to showcase that are ideal for a variety of needs. These trailers are perfect for temporary, short terms, or for long term semi-permanent solutions. Read and discover which is the perfect fit for your company or organization.

1. Compact

For those needing shower trailer rentals that are compact, the 2 Station Cabo Series is a great fit. This unit does not sacrifice comfort or design due to its small size. Guests will enjoy all the amenities of a standard restroom, just without costing the company or organization too much money. This fund saver can handle small to moderate use without needing to be serviced. It’s ideal for short-term rentals at construction sites and other temporary work stations.

2. Accessible

As managers and business owners, it is important to think about all the various needs of your employees. Having a restroom or shower option that is ADA accessible may be necessary in many cases. When you have a need for shower trailer rentals that are ADA-compliant, units like the  ADA +4 Station Shower/ Restroom Combo, Oahu Series are a perfect fit. The ADA units allow for 360-degree turning in wheelchairs and have added amenities like hand rails for safety and access.

3. Multi-Use

One thing we love about working with our manufacturers is their ability to turn our dreams and unique concepts into a customized reality. We think about every need that our customer may have and turn that need into a portable restroom trailer solution.

One of these customized dreams is one of our shower trailer rentals that has multiple uses. The 6 Station Shower/ Restroom/ Locker Room Combo, Oahu Series is a top pick for colleges and offsite work stations. It allows users to shower and store their valuables in a safe place.

Another multi-use shower trailer rental is the 3 Station Shower Trailer with Laundry, Oahu Series. This unit is ideal for outdoor event venues and campsites, allowing users to not only shower, but take care of anything that might need washing.

4. High-Volume Use

For those who have a high number of users who will be needing access to shower trailer rentals, we recommend units like the 8 Station Shower Trailer, Executive Series. This unit is designed to service a large volume of users and is designed to impress even those at the executive level. We recommend this trailer for long- or short-term needs.


Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse at some of the shower trailer rentals that we have to offer, browse our full collection here to find a perfect fit for you. Have a question? The sales team is here to help! Feel free to drop them a line.