Purchase a Portable Bathroom Trailer with tthe Lease-to-Own Program

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Purchase a Portable Bathroom Trailer with tthe Lease-to-Own Program

One of the most important components of owning or operating a business is managing finances. From finding ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality to maintaining a steady cash flow and everything in between, finances determine the success or failure of a business. With inflation, supply chain shortages, and saturated markets to fight against this year, now is the time to optimize your financial plan while maintaining the quality of your brand. Our new lease-to-own program is designed to help businesses just like yours gain access to the portable bathroom trailers you need more efficiently.

Big-item purchases like restroom trailers can often be unreachable for some small businesses, nonprofits, or newly launched companies. We remember being that new business, struggling to stretch a small budget and making every dollar count. Some necessities were simply out of reach for us, but with programs like lease-to-own, our business skyrocketed.

We think that every business deserves the opportunity to win. The lease-to-own program was designed with small businesses in mind and is a money-saving strategy that we want to offer our clients. Learn five things about the lease-to-own program and consider it as a purchasing option for your restroom trailers. Get the tools you need to operate your business as successful as possible with this inclusive program. 

1. No Deposit 

We prioritize being an inclusive company, and this means changing how we make our products accessible. Some businesses simply don’t have the cash flow for a large lump sum deposit. The lease-to-own program makes portable bathroom trailers available without putting that large sum of money down. You can now access the business tools you need without draining funds.

2. Fully Customizable Terms

Every business is different, and to us, that meant ensuring that every lease-to-own agreement is a perfect fit for that unique business. From early payoff to longer terms with small payments, we are able to create a plan that is a fit for your needs after your first 12 monthly payments.

3. Maintain Steady Cash Flow

With no deposit required and the ability to work with us and customize what your term looks like after the first year, the lease-to-own program helps you to maintain the cash flow you need for operations. Your restroom trailers don’t have to be a big-ticket purchase that drains your account all at once. Our program is specifically designed to ensure you keep access to the money you need to succeed.

4. Portable Bathroom Trailers Buyback Policy

Purchasing your portable bathroom trailers with the lease-to-own program will be treated equally to any other purchasing option. That means you get to maintain your access to the Buyback Policy. This policy allows you to sell us your unit when you no longer need it or are ready for an upgrade. It’s a business tool that many of our clients use on a regular basis!

5. Learn About Section 179 Tax Advantage

Just like with the buyback policy, you will maintain your access to other business perks like the Section 179 tax advantage. This write-off allows you to qualify for tax refunds on big-ticket purchases for your company. Learn more about it here

Access Portable Bathroom Trailers with Lease-to-Own

Overall, the lease-to-own program is an equitable partnership that can get you the portable bathroom trailers you need more efficiently and without emptying your business accounts. It’s designed to allow for small, monthly payments that will help you work toward equipment ownership while maintaining your operations.

Speak with a specialist about purchasing your portable bathroom trailers with the lease-to-own program. We are here to support you every step of the way!

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