At Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC, we work with clients from across the entire spectrum of American industry.  We have partnered with many of the country’s largest fleets of restroom rentals. We have worked with the most exclusive resorts and event venues from coast to coast.  And the wine industry in California has long been one of our most reliable partners.  But recently we’ve been talking to some clients who are completely new to us.
They’re close neighbors of our friends in wine country, although most of them have never grown a single grapevine.  However, you could argue that the plant our new clients do grow is equally valuable, and it is quickly becoming a big factor in California’s diverse agricultural economy.  Like the wine industry and other agricultural businesses, this industry employs a huge amount of seasonal labor at harvest time; and that’s one of the biggest reasons why they have reached out to begin arranging portable restroom rentals for their staff in 2018.

A New Kind of Boom Town in California

Since residents of California voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in November of 2016, the state has been gearing up for a swift uptick in the industrial production of cannabis.  The industry already has some presence in California, as medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 1996.  But with the passage of Proposition 64 last year – cannabis production has been projected to experience massive growth.
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While medical marijuana generates about $7 billion in national sales annually, analysts estimate that American consumers spend more than $50 billion every year on recreational marijuana.  To keep up with the spiking demand, growers are acquiring huge plots of retired greenhouses that had previously been used to grow cut flowers, fruits and berries, and various vegetables.
California will begin issuing licenses for recreational cultivation in 2018.  Small farms have already started appearing all around the state.  And in the Salinas Valley, there are some very serious players emerging.  Some of the farms in that area have more than 360,000 square feet of growing area – enough for 100,000 plants.

Early Issues for California Cannabis

The transition to industrial-scale cannabis in California has not occurred without some serious early setbacks.  Following the passage of Proposition 64, California’s State Treasurer set up a special task force to determine how cannabis growers would get access to banking services, which are severely restricted by the federal ban on marijuana.
Then, just as many growers were gearing up for full production in 2018, disaster struck when the recent California wildfires destroyed a significant amount of the existing medical marijuana farms.  At least 34 farms fell victim to the flames, which also claimed many vineyards and wineries in the northern half of the state.

Planning Ahead for Seasonal Restroom Rentals

As recreational marijuana growing operations gear up for 2018, one thing that seems to be a theme across the industry is the need to make arrangements for the large influx of workers that will come along with increased production.  At a time when the federal government is projecting significant losses in manufacturing, utilities, and government jobs – the marijuana industry is expected to create more than a quarter of a million jobs over the next two years alone.  Cannabis job websites are popping up, and several job fairs are scheduled for the last quarter of 2017.

While the most glamorous position at a marijuana farm is the Grow Master – these positions are few and far between, with only one or a few openings at any given farm.  Other positions that will be created include retail workers, agricultural specialists, and extraction technicians – who can scientifically separate the plant from its desirable chemical components.
Bud Trimmer is the most common entry-level job, and even small farms will require hundreds of employees to complete this tedious work.  As upstart farms begin preparing for the realities of full-scale production – restroom rentals to accommodate harvesters and trimmers are something that they all need to consider.

Portable Restroom Rentals are a Perfect Fit for Any Cannabis Greenhouse

Portable Restroom Trailers offers a huge spectrum of different restroom rentals, with options available to meet any capacity requirement.  Starting with small one- and two-station trailers – all the way up to 10-stations, or even 20 – we have a trailer to meet the needs of your working crews, even during your busy harvests.
Our commercial-grade units are built to resist heavy foot-traffic from hard-working crews.  They are some of the most popular restroom rentals for construction crews across the country, and with good reason.  These trailers are built for maximum durability with minimal maintenance.  The single-piece rubber floors in many of our trailers make cleanup simple and pain-free.  Some of our larger units include showers and locker rooms.  And all our restroom rentals are available with a variety of climate control options to suit your specific conditions.
High-capacity tanks and a variety of hookup options mean that we can provide a trailer for just about any location, whether fresh water connections are available or not.  And our portable restroom rentals can easily be moved from one greenhouse to the next by any standard towing vehicle.
If you’re planning ahead to accommodate a big workforce in 2018, get in touch with us today at (877) 600-8645 to learn more about our extensive line of portable restroom rentals.  We offer short-term rentals, long-term rentals, and a very popular lease-to-own program.  With a huge inventory on-hand and a variety of flexible financing options – we can definitely help your growing operation get started on the right foot.