As providers of restroom rentals around the globe, it is always inspiring to hear stories about those who dedicate their lives to helping others. From firefighters to doctors, teachers to search and rescue teams, there are so many who are passionate about helping humanity be its best.
We have gotten to work with so many amazing teams, from those battling wildfires in California to people providing volcano relief in Hawaii. Their stories of passion, empowerment, and helping the needy are what make us want to work that much harder to positively contribute to their cause.
Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital (JFL Hospital) is no different. They are focused on their goal to help each patient to the best of their abilities no matter what. When they called us with a temporary shower and restroom rental need, we were eager to help.


The JFL Hospital mission is to drive improvement in the health of those they serve, while exemplifying compassion and respect. The hospital has a turbulent history beginning in 1982. The government of the US Virgin Islands received federal funds to build a hospital facility. Measuring 240,000 square feet with 250 beds, the institution was originally named St. Croix Hospital and was headed by the Department of Health Commissioner.
Seven years later in September of 1989, Hurricane Hugo struck the island and damaged a large portion of the hospital. Patients were moved to temporary hospital tents and those in critical condition were sent to Puerto Rico and the mainland. Renovations were urgently needed, and fortunately the hospital was able to rebuild quickly. In 1990, the new facility was named the St. Croix Interim Modular Hospital and added 85 beds to the remaining facility that survived the hurricane.
Over time, new management came in and new laws were passed, and the hospital saw changes and improvements. In October of 1994, with new leadership in place and upgrades in services and technology, the hospital was reopened at St. Juan F. Luis Hospital, named after a former governor.
Success filled the following ears, with the hospital receiving a full three year accreditation and a a two year accreditation for the Laboratory and pathology Department. Two years later, the Laboratory and Pathology Department successfully maintained full accreditation. Four years later on July 26, 1998, JFL successfully went through a second Joint Commission accreditation survey.
The hospital continued to grow and improve and still has high set goals for the future. They hope to improve the lives of every patient through quality health care and by 2020, they hope to see the hospital, its valued and trusted team members, volunteers, physicians and partners will have an outstanding record of proven success.
JFL Hospital sees a wide range of patients with a variety of needs. With their full-service emergency room, they have patients who arrive at their door in a wide range of conditions, and sometimes a little self-care is needed before treatment. When the hospital told us that they wanted to provide a pre-entry shower and restroom service, we had the perfect option for their needs.


Juan F. Luis Hospital needed restroom rentals that are ADA-accessible, conveniently located near the entrance of the emergency room, and easy to clean. When they told us about their needs, we recommended a custom ADA +3 Portable Shower and Restroom Trailer.

The ADA restroom rentals are an ideal solution for the hospital, equipped with three unisex suites and one California ADA-compliant unisex suite.
The exterior is clean and durable, built with scratch and dent-proof material. Each suite is completely private with separate entrances for each. Guests are greeted with a clean interior, each featuring a shower, flushing china toilet, sink vanity, and mirror. The ADA suite, which is also spacious enough to double as a family restroom suite, is designed to make both the shower and toilet accessible for all with disabilities. The unit is equipped with grab rails for further assistance. The ADA restroom suite can also lower to the ground with the touch of a button, making access easy and allowing for a shorter ramp that takes up a much smaller footprint.
To ensure restroom users are always comfortable, this restroom rental is equipped with air conditioning and heat strips to guarantee that the temperature stays comfortable no matter what outside weather is like. This trailer equipped to withstand extreme temperatures, with insulated walls and ceiling further aid in maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.
For the hospital, an additional benefit of having a restroom rental with an ADA-compliant suite is that if a patient arrives and needs to stay on a gurney, the ADA suite has enough space to accommodate full entry and privacy while the patient stays comfortable. This was a priority for the hospital as they needed to ensure that every patient had access to a restroom, no matter their disability or limitations.
ADA restroom rentals have helped the hospital continue to help those in need in a safe, easy, and efficient manner. Patients get access to an upscale restroom experience in a place that may not feel very welcoming. We are proud to know that our restroom rentals provide a taste of home with proper amenities that make their experience more pleasant.
From stories like this to large scale events and festivals, our portable restroom trailers are a perfect fit for a wide variety of projects. We’d love to hear about what you’re planning and to see which of our restroom rentals is an ideal fit for you. Tell us about your projects on the comments below!