Over our years of business, we have had the pleasure of working with a variety of industries. You’d be surprised who ends up needing restroom rentals, from chocolate factories to upscale neighborhoods, restaurants to parks. One industry that has been with us from the start is construction.

What is special and unique about construction companies is that, more often than not, their employees are working away from the office. These locations are usually empty lots, fields, or buildings in need of serious repair. Our services are a natural and consistent fit for them. They are constantly on the go, and typically work long days in locations that don’t have buildings, let alone a restroom option.

We are always excited to partner with construction companies as we get to see the before and after picture of what they’re building. From apartment buildings to the new trendy restaurant spots, construction is an industry that is constantly new and exciting.

For those of you working in the construction business, we hope you’ve gotten to experience one of our restroom rentals. A serious upgrade from the standard porta potty, our trailers offer a comfortable experience with all of the amenities of a home bathroom. Below, we’ve chosen five restroom rentals that we think are a perfect fit for construction sites. They allow your employees to have a positive and comfortable restroom experience despite working location and conditions. Take a look and see which option would be an ideal fit for you.


Sometimes, the space provided for construction companies to set up in is limited. Our smaller restroom rentals, like the 2 Station Malibu Comfort Series, are compact but mighty, taking up a smaller footprint while still providing an upscale restroom option for your workers. 

 Male/ Female Dominant

gender specific restroom rentals

In some cases, companies end up with staff that mostly male or mostly female. When this happens, you’ll want to make sure that those who need access to a restroom have it. With units like  the 11 Station Male Dominant Classic Series (female dominant available in the same layout!), there are more restrooms for one gender over another, ensuring those who need to use your portable restroom rentals can do so without worrying about lengthy lines.


ADA restroom rentals

Many companies today make it a priority to provide their staff with a restroom option that is accessible for all. Our ADA portable restroom rentals are a great option. The ADA +4 Station Oahu Series is a solution that provides restroom access for all your workers, no matter what their restroom needs may be. The large ADA suite also doubles perfectly as a roomier restroom option for those may want to change after work.


During those hot summer work days, it gets difficult to keep working while the hot sun shines down on you. What could make the work day a little more manageable, you ask? Our shower/ bathroom combo portable restroom rentals.

This 3 Station Shower/ Restroom Combo, Comfort Series, is perfect for the construction environment. It provides workers with a moment of rest and relief before they get back to work. 

Large Staff

large restroom rentals

Some construction jobs are big and need the numbers in staff to get them done. The 12 Station Classic Series is the perfect portable restroom rentals solution that easily services a large number of staff. Thought was given to design, so this is a trailer that will welcome guests into an upscale and comfortable environment.

We encourage you to spend time browsing our entire collection of portable bathrooms for rent to find the best fit for your company. Have a question? Feel free to send us a message - the sales team is here to help!